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To say we're coffee-powered here at Annmarie Skin Care would be an understatement. Coffee is brewing at just about every hour of the day in our office, so you can rest assured that we do not take coffee recommendations lightly.

Getting caffeinated is serious business to us here, which is why we are so excited to share JavaPresse with you.

So, what's the JavaPresse Difference?

Expertly curated, incredibly fresh, and sustainably grown whole bean coffee delivered to our doorstep? Sign us up. These are just a few reasons why we've subscribed to JavaPresse's easy to use coffee subscription program.

Clean, organically grown coffee

When they say that they source some of the best beans in the world, they're not overplaying it. Each of their beans are professionally rated as “specialty-grade”—the highest grade of coffee beans possible.

Close to nature coffee

Their beans are also organically grown to ensure the rich flavors are never compromised by unnatural farming practices. Free of pesticides, additives and preservatives, JavaPresse coffees are harvested with one goal in mind – to help you experience coffee the way nature intended you to.

They do have a few certified organic offerings, but don’t prioritize finding them. This is similar to our model at Annmarie Skin Care— caring more about farmers and sustainable practices than certifications. You can read more about that here.

Carefully roasted to maximize flavors and health benefits

JavaPresse's lighter roasting technique results in richer flavors that are more characteristic of their origin farm and country.

They’re also not burned to a crisp, which means your favorite health benefits are preserved and enhanced, like a more efficient intake of antioxidants and maximized chlorogenic acid count for reduced inflammation.

Impact-driven Farmers

JavaPresse is proud to curate coffee from some of the world’s most inventive, pioneering farmers. These people are passionate stewards who are proud of their culture and dedicated to their communities.

As well as cultivating celebrated, award-winning coffees for us to enjoy, JavaPresse's farmers use their craft to make a positive difference locally – helping to create a brighter future for the next generation.

Direct & Fair Trade

As an impact-driven business, JavaPresse loves supporting evolved entrepreneurship. This includes paying fair prices and building relationships directly with their farmers, importers, and co-ops.

They do this because when farmers are supported and well rewarded, they’re free to innovate and experiment. It’s a non-negotiable that helps cultivate coffee so good it elevates your enjoyment of every cup.

Farmed in Small Batch Micro-Lots

The big players in coffee only buy from large corporate farms that try to grow uniform tasting beans, but JavaPresse doesn't have to sacrifice quality for scale.

Instead, they partner with smaller farms that take the approach of an artisan, rather than a factory, to produce stunningly diverse and balanced beans you won’t ever find in a major coffee chain.


Roaster-To-Table Freshness

Coffee beans need 48 hours to “degass” and are then at peak flavor and freshness for only 2-3 weeks once they’re roasted.

only the freshest

JavaPresse beans are shipped just two hours after being roasted, which means they’ve now passed that initial degassing stage and have arrived at their quality apex where all the flavors are ripe, balanced, and diverse.

Try it!

If you're coffee-crazy like us, you NEED to try JavaPresse. Not only will you be able to taste the difference, you can sip without worry knowing that your money is going to a sustainable and ethical company.

If you sign up today, you'll get a free Burr Coffee Grinder included in your first shipment! Not to mention, if you order 6 shipments you can get 10% off, and if you order 12 shipments, you can get 15% off!

Click here to try JavaPresse today! 

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