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Are you ready for a new year, new you challenge? This month’s WeHeart is a special edition because instead of telling you about a company or a product we like, we’re challenging you to find your best self.

Studies show that it takes about 30 days to create a habit so we thought it would be the perfect time—January first—to get your new habit on the books for the year ahead.

How about a 30 day challenge that only takes 15 minutes out of each day, burns calories, and gets you in great shape—fast.

30-Day Bodyweight Challenge

We won’t say that this challenge from Betty Rocker is easy to do—there’s no magic pill to health success—but we will say that it’s quick and intense, doesn’t require any gym equipment, and it’s guaranteed to leave you stronger, leaner, and more energized than the day you started.

The program is called Make Fat Cry, although, admittedly, we’d prefer to think of it in happier terms. It’s more than just a way to put yourself on track to lose weight—this program helps you gain muscle and find the healthiest version of you—that beautiful, accountable person you know is in there.

How this Challenge is Different

Betty Rocker is a personal trainer—your personal trainer—and she’s on call to talk to you about your health goals. In fact, before you can start the program, you have to send her your health goals in a commitment statement… that means she’s holding you accountable right off the bat.

Her real name is Bree and she’s specialized certification in nutrition, corrective exercise, and manual realignment in the body. She’s written four cookbooks along with created personal and large scale fitness plans that have worked for thousands of people.

Within 24 hours you’ll start getting your daily workout videos along with a printable guide to the work outs—but you only have 24 hours to do that day’s work out before it expires, so pay attention and stay accountable.

Because she studies the interdisciplinary connections between nutrition and fitness, Bree understands how to feed your body so you can have the energy you need to work hard, play hard, stay healthy, and maintain a healthy weight (read: you’re staying healthy, not starving yourself to shed pounds).

The workout is free, but if you want to maximize your results you’ll want to add the meal plan to your workout. Bree knows that the sexiest bodies are created from inside out so she made a 30 day eating guide to go along with your 30 day challenge, complete with a shopping list and instructions so that you can treat your body right and keep burning fat even after the 15 min workout is over.

Betty Rocker and the Annmarie Team

This Betty Rocker Challenge actually showed up on our desks because our COO, Rachel, did the challenge in 2017 and fell in love with the intensity of the workout. She would show up to work smiling, and raving about this 15 minute circuit workout she’d been doing—how good she felt plus how easy it was for her to do it with her busy work schedule.

We were all inspired to sign up for the challenge too, so know that we’re doing the videos right along with you for our 2018 body.

Click here to take the 30 day challenge with us

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