Tamanu Oil for Skin


Tamanu oil is an ancient remedy that comes from the Tamanu tree, which grows in tropical Southeast Asia. The oil itself comes from the kernels found inside the nut that's inside the fruit. The kernels are dried for two months until they become sticky with a dark, thick, rich oil. The oil is then cold-pressed to make a greenish yellow oil similar to olive oil.

This precious oil has a long and impressive history as a miracle product for the skin.

A Little Bit About the Ingredient Itself

Also called the kamani tree, the ati tree, and foraha, tamanu is scientifically termed Calophyllum inophyllum, and is considered a large evergreen. It usually grows to about 26 to 66 feet in height, and is found in Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, South India, Sri Lanka, and the Melanesian and Polynesian islands. Leaves are elliptical and shiny, and the bark is cracked and black. Large, white flowers bloom twice a year, and yield clusters of yellow-skinned spherical fruit that are reported to taste similar to apples.

Inside the fruit is a large nut, which contains an odorless pale kernel. It is this kernel that yields the oil once dried. The oil is precious, as it takes about 100 kilograms of fruit—the amount that one tree produces annually—to create just 5 kilograms (about 21 cups) of cold pressed oil.

Skin Benefits of Tamanu

Tamanu is great for sensitive skin, but it also makes it a great addition to anti-aging formulas, as it helps promote the healthy, younger-looking skin. Combined with its antioxidant properties, it works not only tighten and firm your look, but to protect from environmental stressors.

Finally, like many natural oils, tamanu is a good source of fatty acids, including oleic, palmitic, linoleic, linolenic, and stearic, which all help to plump your look and smooth the appearance of skin.

Try It!

We've added tamanu to our new Probiotic Serum with Tremella, a couple of our anti-aging formulas as well as our standard facial oils.

Anti-Aging Serum
Anti-Aging Eye Cream
Herbal Facial Oil for Normal and Combination Skin
Herbal Facial Oil for Oily Skin

Have you tried tamanu oil for your skin? Share your experience below!


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