Sage Essential Oil is Making a Debut in Our Line

Sage essential oil

Our first limited edition product is coming soon! We're not quite ready to tell you what it is, but keep reading to find out the benefits of one of the ingredients in the formula — sage essential oil.

Here in Berkeley, it’s hard to ride your bike more than a mile without spotting a few sage plants.

Sage is from the genus Salvia, which is the largest genus in the mint family (Lamiaceae), and though it’s common in our area its benefits are anything but ordinary.

During the development of our first limited edition product we turned to some plants that are familiar to us and whose benefits continue to amaze us — from an aromatherapy standpoint as well as for skin care.

When we realized we were about to use sage essential oil for the first time in our line it was almost funny. We felt like we had been ignoring something that was right under our noses all this time. In addition to its spicy, herbaceous scent, its aromatherapy is really meaningful and pertinent to spring time (more on that below).

Our limited edition product will only be available for a short time. We’re not quite ready to tell you what it is but we wanted to fill you in on some of the benefits of one of its ingredients — sage essential oil.

Here’s why we decided to use sage essential oil in our new formula:

Historical Relevance

Making skin care from plant-based ingredients is such a beautiful process. Each ingredient carries with it not only skin benefits but rich botanical history as well.

In the Middle Ages, sage was sometimes called S. salvatrix or Sage the Savior because of its healing properties. It was considered sacred during the Greek and Roman eras and even used to preserve meat before the invention of refrigeration.

Perhaps its most famous historical context is its ceremonial burning. Native people in our region used to burn white sage to purify the air and clear a space, a practice that has spread and endured. If you've ever used a smudge stick — typically a bundle of dried sage but sometimes other herbs — you have participated in a practice that has been done by thousands of people for thousands of years.


Burning sage is a tradition that science has begun to verify. A study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology in 2007 showed that burning medicinal smoke for an hour reduced bacteria in the air by 90%! This property isn’t limited to sage, and many recommend you practice this ritual using a purifying plant that is native to your area.

If you can grow sage where you live, though, it’s a great choice — it is very cleansing.

We love the idea of using it in our spring limited edition product because spring is a time to clean and renew. Our skin has such an important and difficult job of protecting us from our environment and impurities (to name just a few of its roles). Using naturally purifying ingredients is a way we can support our skin in its daily duties.

High Antioxidant

On your skin, sage provides its high antioxidant content, making it a great anti-aging skin care ingredient.

Compare its ORAC score of 11,300 to vitamin E, which is 3,300.

ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. It measures the “total antioxidant capacity” of an ingredient, allowing us to quantify its ability to protect.

Antioxidants in skin care are incredibly important. Using antioxidants on your skin, like green tea, helps protect you from environmental stressors.

Mentally Stimulating

We talk a lot about the power of aromatherapy. We think of each scent choice we make as being a way to shape our mood and choose our intention for the day.

With our spring limited edition product, we thought of entering spring with excitement and energy, ready to tackle new goals and blossom.

Sage essential oil made sense in this formula because it helps counter mental fatigue. Think post-hibernation sleepiness — sage helps snap us out of that winter fogginess and into action.

Sage has long been used to enhance spiritual awareness and break life patterns. So in that sense it stimulates our minds in a way that helps us move towards our goals and away from things that are stagnating us.

We're so excited to include this essential oil in our newest limited edition formula. Check back on the blog for information about our featured artist, who designed the beautiful label for this exclusive product.

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  1. Ellie says

    I can’t wait to try this new product. I absolutely LOVE sage! I have spent many days harvesting and wrapping it in bundles to use for clearing. Your products are the best. I know this is going to be fantastic.

  2. Alicia says

    I absolutely love essential oils! I use them on my sheets to sleep well. Although Lavender is famous for inducing sleep I adore the smell of cedar wood. I use citronella to repel mosquitoes and I’m always looking for other uses for them. I’m dying to know what the new product is and I’ll make use of the occasion to let you know how delicious the Body cream is. I can’t have enough of it.!

  3. Frances says

    I am very interested to read that you are going to incorporate Sage into a product. I use Sage spray frequently to remove any ghosts or energetic attachments in my house. I nearly always use it if I am doing a healing session with someone and I have noticed how clear the air becomes and ability to think clearly as well. I also use sage in my garden to help repel pests.
    One other comment I would like to make not in regard to Sage is that I have found that organic cold pressed Castor Oil is wonderful for skin ailments of many kinds and I would like to see you use it with your skin solutions and give it a trial as well. I also use it for Dry eye syndrome every night and in the morning I use a pinch of himalayan salt in boiled rain water as an eye bath. Himalayan salt is also marvelous for post nasal drip as a water spray and will help asthma attacks taken as a pinch of salt on the tongue with a glass of warm water.
    you web site is becoming increasingly interesting – Wonderful.

  4. Norma says

    I just received my first sample packet and I falling in love with your products! I am going to order more. I look forward to the new products containing sage. I have used sage in recipes and love the smell and flavor. Keep up the good

  5. amber says

    I absolutely love the smell of sage & the taste. However, I’ve steered clear of the essential oil of sage because I used to have epilepsy as a child & I’ve read that it’s unfortunately contraindicated for people prone to seizures. May want to investigate that for yourselves & perhaps add that concern to the new product on the horizon. Thanks!

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