Rose for Skin, the Sweet Toner


Why use just water in your skin care formulations when you can use rose water or rose distillate? That's what we thought when we were formulating our Anti-Aging Serum, which contains rose distillate and rose oil. Both are wonderful ingredients for the skin, and who can beat that lovely, light scent?

The simple, beautiful rose has many applications in natural skin care.

A Little Bit About the Ingredient Itself

Most of us know what a rose is, but did you know there are over 100 species? All share a shrub-like appearance with sharp thorns on the stems. Most are native to Asia, though some came from Europe, North America, and northwest Africa. They can differ in size from compact miniatures to those that reach over 22 feet high.

Internal Health Benefits of Rose

Of course, roses make great plants for flowerbeds and gardens, but they also have many health benefits. Rose petal tea, for example, is known to help soothe mild sore throats and open blocked bronchial tubes, making it a good choice for fall cold and flu season. It's also recommended as a digestive tonic, and may help with reducing the risk of urinary tract infections and kidney stones.

Rose tea is also said to be good for mental health.

Benefits to the Skin

Ancient Romans are said to have preferred baths with rose water, while Cleopatra used it in her various facemasks. Like most plants, roses have a lot of great benefits for the skin. Here are just a few:

  • Natural Toner: Rose helps minimize the appearance of pores and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Natural Cleanser: Rose water is often used in organic cleansers because it helps clean out clogged pores.
  • Gentle: Helps calm and soothe, making it perfect for sensitive skin.
  • Moisturizing: Rose is great for dry skin, as it helps increase its ability to hold onto hydration.
  • Source of Vitamin C: This vitamin is great for protecting the skin from environmental stressors, and preserving a youthful look to your complexion. Rose is a natural source of this potent vitamin.
  • Antioxidants: Rose has some powerful antioxidants that can firm and tighten your appearance.
  • Natural Scent: Since synthetic fragrances can contain all kinds of chemicals that we don't know about, it's much nicer to scent skin-care products with sources like rose. Smells better, and it's better for you.

Rose oil, which is made from rose petals, is also great for the skin. Sensitive skin especially benefits from its moisturizing properties, as it soothes, hydrates, and tones.

Try It!

Because rose provides so many benefits to skin, I've included it in the five products below.

Do you use rose water or rose oil in your skin care regimen? What do you think?

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