Prepare Your Skin for Summertime! Three Tips to Get Rid of Dull, Dry Winter Skin

Prepare Skin for Summer

It’s getting warmer out there, which means you’re probably thinking about shedding the sweaters and even (gasp!) going sleeveless! But then you may look at your skin and think, hm, am I ready to show that off?

We can help you get ready! Try these tips to summer-prep your skin and show off that healthy glow.

With warmer weather upon us, it’s time to get rid of dull,
dry winter skin and get your glow on!

Get Rid of Dry, Dull Winter Skin

We all typically come out of winter with skin that isn’t at the top of its condition. Long months of cold weather, indoor heat, dry air, and wind have likely taken their toll. Plus, if you lived in the northern climates, you may have eaten a bit more sugar and carbs than usual, as when we don’t have access to the sun, we tend to crave these things. Unfortunately, these foods can create skin issues, leaving it looking dull and sluggish for summer.

The first thing you need to do is shed off that old, droopy, dry winter skin.

  • Exfoliate. Exfoliate, and exfoliate again! This is the best way to get that summer glow. Listen to your skin—sensitive and dry types need to be more gentle than combination and oily types. Try our Dead Sea Scrub, which has a hard-working blend of dead sea mud, lavender, and rosemary to help clear up skin. You can also use it on your hands, arms, feet and legs to get yourself ready for shorts, sandals, and short-sleeved tops. Don’t forget your lips! Exfoliate gently, then hydrate.
  • Shave. It’s time to get rid of that hair on your legs—without irritation. Read our post on the proper way to shave to get rid of hair and gently exfoliate without ending up with ugly rashes and red bumps.
  • Eat healthy. Your skin is your body’s largest organ, which means it’s affected by what you eat. To prepare for summer, start stacking up on luscious, juicy fruits and vegetables. These not only help hydrate your skin, but give you that extra antioxidant boost that protects.


Your next step in getting skin ready for summer is to adjust your hydration routine. For some skin types, summer means your skin is more dry, especially if you live in a dry climate or are often exposed to air conditioning. For others, a lighter moisturizer is required in the summer, to help avoid clogged pores while still hydrating and conditioning. Try our Coconut Body Oil for all-over moisture (great for all skin types). For the face, follow these guidelines, but then listen to your skin, and make changes as needed.

  • Oily skin—Herbal Facial Oil for Oily Skin
  • Dry skin—Anti-Aging Facial Oil
  • Combination skin—Choose Herbal Facial Oil for Normal and Combination Skin if you have mature, more dry skin, and Herbal Facial Oil for Oily Skin if you are more prone to clogged pores.
  • Sensitive skin—Herbal Facial Oil for Normal and Combination Skin

If you find your skin gets oily throughout the day, take our Rosemary Toning Mist with you for a refresher. It helps balance skin oils.


If you follow these steps, you should notice your skin starting to turn around for summer, looking more smooth, even, and radiant. At this point, it’s extremely important that you protect your skin from the sun. Especially if you’re exfoliating regularly, your cells are more vulnerable to UV damage.

Hats, sunglasses, and shade are your best protection, but when these are impractical, choose a safe sunscreen and remember to reapply regularly. Use the EWG’s sunscreen guide to choose the safest option.

Is your skin ready for summer? Let us know!

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