Our Promise to You: Cruelty Free

Cruelty free skin care

Treating every being on this planet with compassion is something that we strongly believe in.

Our lives are all joined together, and living in harmony with every creature is essential to living in balance. With that being said, we do not believe that any products—including skin care and cosmetics—should be tested on animals. Our cruelty free skin care is pure, straight from nature, and does not require animals to be involved in the testing process. It's safe enough for your skin throughout every step in our formulation process—from raw material, to infusion, to bottling, and finally when you open them up to enjoy.

Think about it—if a company has to test on animals to prove that a product isn’t harmful, this means there’s a strong possibility that it is, in fact, toxic in some way.

We also believe that skin products should be as vegan as possible. With the exception of honey (in our Coconut Honey Mask) and beeswax (which is in the Coconut Honey Mask, Anti-Aging Eye Cream, and Sun Love) all our products are completely vegan. We use honey in these products because of its incredible skin rejuvenating properties—something humans have learned through thousands of years of mutual partnership with the bees.

Our honey comes from an amazing little spot, right near the Colorado San Juan Mountains. Hives are perched on a mountainside amongst fields of wildflowers—that’s as natural and sustainable as it gets.

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