Organic City Guide: Houston, Texas

houston, texas

If you're planning a trip to Houston, look no further. It’s known for its Tex-Mex, contributions to science, stellar rodeo shows, and non-existent winters.

The growing number of organic food eateries will soon be added to the list of gifts Texas has to offer. This is our definitive, organic city guide to Houston.

Houston, Texas

Breakfast spots

Just Juice If a light breakfast is your preference, fill up on one of these blended juices or smoothies. All of the drinks are made from organic fruits and vegetables. Their website says “… we blenderize our vegetables, we get the organic fibers that are also digestible by our gut bacteria.”

You’ll be giving yourself a really healthy start to your day.

Vibrant This restaurant is fully gluten free, dairy free, and refined sugar free. The menu includes deliciously creative items like “Sweet Toast:” housemade teff bread, vanilla-cardamom cashew butter, pear sauce, and walnut dukkah, and the “Meyer Lemon-Poppy Seed Tart:” cashew, coconut, coconut nectar, meyer lemon, vanilla, poppy seed, and walnut-almond-apricot crust. Yum.


Bella Green Grab a few brunch buddies and head over to Bella Green for wonderful brunch (“boozy brunch” is also an option). Shrimp and grits, huevos rancheros, and the crab and avocado omelet are just a few of the great dishes offered at this 3-Star Certified Green restaurant.

Houston Local Foods All five locations offer offer a delicious assortment of locally sourced food, 7 days a week. But only two locations, Tanglewood and the Heights, offer brunch. The selections are quite hearty. Be sure to bring your appetite, and good vibes. Mimosas are only $4


Elevation Burger Sometimes a good burger is all we need. For those moments, Elevation Burger offers free range, 100% organic, grass fed beef to their customers. If beef isn’t your preference, veggie and vegan options are available.

Green Fork For a lighter lunch, the smoothies at Green Fork will delight you. Flavors range from sweet treats like the “Peaceful” smoothie made with: cucumber, ginger, apple, lime, cranberries, and agave, to more savory with smoothies like the “Encouragement,” with ingredients that include: maca, banana, nut milk, agave, vanilla, carob. All drinks are made with organic ingredients.

Garden Kitchen Inspired by Dr. Montgomery’s personal journey to improving his health, his menu features “…whole, live, plant-based entrees, smoothies, snacks and desserts will keep you coming back for more.” This is the perfect spot for anyone who enjoys raw, vegan food.


Pondicheri These delicious, locally sourced menu ideas originate from various parts of India and Pakistan. Keema and eggs, saag paneer omelets, and masala fried chicken will make your mouth water. Not only can you enjoy an amazing curry, you can also learn how to make it at one of their cooking workshops.

True Food Their motto is “better food means better living.” There is an item on the menu for everyone. Gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, and meat items are available. The beverage list compliments the meal choices nicely. This location also offers the “Delacy Wellness Class and Brunch.”

It’s an morning yoga class, followed by a discounted brunch. Be sure to bring your own mat and enjoy.

I Am Flower Child These meals will put an extra spring in your step. Every item is made from scratch, and made using the “Dirty Dozens List” as a guide to procuring their produce. The kids menu offers healthy options for children to enjoy.

Late Night

On The Kirb This is one of the few sports bars offering “fresh local produce, organic meats and free range poultry.” It’s a welcoming family-friendly environment, where everyone can enjoy a good meal.

Where to Shop

Central City Co-op If you want high quality, locally grown, reasonably priced, organic food, go support this co-op. For almost 20 years, this co-op has been a mainstay in Houston, with a goal of making organic food accessible to all.

Food Delivery

Nurture Life With all of the food delivery services aimed at adults, there is one of few aimed at children, Nurture Life. This delivery service focuses on babies as young as 4 months old, to children as 8-years old. The ingredients are sourced from local farmers and prepared fresh, and not shipped frozen. Just refrigerated. They offer the meals a day, 7 days a week.

Spa and Beauty

Organic Spa Organic beauty treatments? Yes, please. Some of the services offered are facials, peels, hydra-dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, microneedling, non-surgical wrinkles plasma fibroblast, etc. There is a long list of procedures to choose from at this little gem.

Paloma Beauty Mani-pedis, facials, body treatments, and options for men will keep you aglow So why not make a party of it? They offer a private party package you and your guests. Paloma will create a “… fun, relaxed, and luxurious beauty experience.” A great way to get dolled up before exploring Houston is Paloma, its non-toxic beauty destination.

What are some of your favorite Houston spots? Opening up the comments below.

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