New Annmarie Totes

Annmarie Skin Care tote bags

Annmarie Skin Care now has tote bags, for all of your toting needs!

They're made with 100% organic cotton.

They were printed at a local screenprinting shop run by really cool people.

And the designs were made right here in our office by one of our lovely designers, Michelle!

Annmarie Skin Care Logo Tote Bag

Annmarie Skin care tote bag

Our first signature tote bag features a floral ‘a' design in Annmarie's favorite color, purple! This simple, subtle, yet detailed design reflects our love of all things natural.

You can get this bag on its own or, when you buy one of our gift sets, you get it for free! (Note: our Pure Essential Oil Blend Gift Set comes in a different, linen bag.)

Seasonal ‘Honest Wild Beautiful' Tote Bag

Annmarie Skin Care tote bag

We also made a limited batch of these ‘honest wild beautiful' tote bags, in our signature purple with a hand-drawn flower design. We say our skin care is honest because we also tell you exactly what's inside it, wild because the ingredients are organic and wild harvested, and beautiful because that's how you look and feel when you use it.

We'll have a new seasonal tote design for you each season!

Click Here to Get Our Seasonal Bag

Our tote bags are perfect for taking to the grocery store or out shopping so that you don't have to use paper or plastic. Some other ideas…

  1. Carry your gym clothes in them.
  2. Use them to pack your lunch.
  3. Put gifts inside them!

Grease Diner Screen Printing

Annmarie Skin Care tote bags

Lucky for us, we live down the street from a super school shop that has art, clothing, screen printing supplies, and classes. It's called The Grease Diner.

It started in 2013 when two artists were looking for a way to make their art a viable career. They opened Grease Diner as a gallery and storefront, which soon grew to also become a screen printing studio. They also host events like movie screenings and feature art from locals.

They did an amazing job on our bags, and we are happy to support our neighbors each time we get a new batch of them created!

Grease diner

What kind of design would you like to see on our tote bag next? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Liz says

    on the tote bag, I would like to see many different flowers—roses, camellias, sunflower, lavender, hydrangea, lily of the valley etc. in a spray on a cream colored background. You can highlight the flowers often used in your products.

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