How to Be More Grounded Using Aromatherapy


Being grounded can mean different things to different people but we consider grounded as being in the present moment—making it through dinner with a friend without taking out your phone, being able to focus enough to fully put your mind into a work task, or simply keeping your thoughts centered on what’s going on around you.

Being grounded can also mean having a clear vision of ourselves and keeping our reactive, ego-centric behaviors in check.

There are lots of practices that can help you be a more grounded person. Our friend (and famed herbalist) Brigitte Mars says that when her daughters feel like they need to be more grounded, she tells them to eat root vegetables to pull their energy centers down into the Earth.

You probably have your own method of grounding, whether it’s doing yoga, eating well and staying balanced, or surrounding yourself with close friends that keep you in check.

We have our own ways of grounding too, but we have found that aromatherapy is a helpful tool for reach down into our foundations.

We have 5 Essential Oil Blends in our line and each blend is designed to smell amazing, support your wellbeing using a unique aromatherapy experience. We wanted to make sure you understood why we chose the ingredients in these blends and how each synergistic blend is created as a tool to support your health and happiness.

We’ve covered which oils we love for staying calm, being vibrant, or opening our hearts.

Now for a big one—our Grounded Essential Oil Blend.

Essential Oils For Grounding

Vetiver Essential Oil Works on Your Heart

Vetiver is in the grass family (Poaceae), but unlike most grasses, which spread their roots in a mat-like fashion, its roots grow downward into the earth. It is the taproot from which vetiver essential oil is extracted.

Get yourself firmly rooted with vetiver. It has a sweet, heavy and earthy aroma that many people love. This is a great oil to mix with a carrier oil like grapeseed, coconut, or almond and use for massages.

Copaiba balsam to Get You Moving

A balsam is a mixture of essential oil and resin. Copaiba balsam comes from a plant in the genus Copaifera, a name meaning ‘copal-bearer,’ describing their resin-producing nature.

Many species in this genus are native to the South American rainforests and are threatened with extinction. As with any essential oil you purchase, it’s important to look into the sourcing to make sure this plant is being harvested sustainably.

Copaiba balsam stimulates the mind, helpful for pulling you out of stagnant hours and getting you going again.

The creamy, woody scent of this balsam provides a delightful base to accompanying oils like sandalwood, cedarwood, and ginger root.

Patchouli for Relaxation

You’d probably recognize patchouli if you smelled it. It’s loved by many naturally-inclined folk. It’s often used in incense and experienced a surge of popularity during the 1760’s and 70’s hippie movement.

Because the patchouli plant (Pogostemon cablin) is fairly easy to grow and produces a good amount of essential oil, this is one of the cheaper ones. One thing to note is that patchouli is rare in that it gets better with age, so a properly aged essential oil product will often be more expensive.

So how does patchouli ground us?

The scent of patchouli is relaxing. It works on our crown chakra, which connects us to our spiritual center. Using patchouli oil can help uplift your mind and clarify your thoughts, keeping you in touch with the things that matter to you.

Patchouli mixes well with everything from bergamot to cedarwood to lemongrass. Blend it up and use it everywhere from in your shampoo to in your diffuser to as your perfume.

Ginger Root for Relationship Support

Another root that helps you get grounded.

As an essential oil, ginger’s properties really shine. It’s a great addition to a massage oil, also because it works on your sacral chakra.

Your sacral chakra deals with your sensuality, your emotions, and how you interact with the world. Someone with a balanced sacral chakra is warm and open, with strong intuition.

This is the oil you want to use if you feel ungrounded in your interpersonal relationships. Maybe you don’t have a clear sense of yourself or how you relate to others in a group setting. Maybe you’re feeling unsure of your relationships in general.

Add ginger to your essential oil routine to get back some of your emotional mojo. One cool way to use it would be mixing it with a carrier oil and applying it to your pressure points while meditating.

Buddha Wood Essential Oil for Acceptance

Used to spiritually purify the air, buddha wood has a scent that’s sweet, woody, earthy, and smoky. Its essential oil is soothing. Using it helps you clear your mind, making it ideal to use in your meditation practice.

Buddha wood essential oil can help you adopt a feeling of acceptance, helping you to move forward in life with a realistic perspective that is very grounding. Buddha wood is often used as a base note, and we recommend balancing it with sweeter oils like peru balsam.

Grounded Essential Oil Blend

We use all of these essential oils in our Grounded Essential Oil blend because we think being able to connect with the harmony and balance of our true self takes everything from acceptance to support to relaxing into who you really are.

We know that something like becoming more grounded can seem like an ethereal or even unattainable thing, but there are practices you can develop to help. This certainly isn’t limited to using essential oils, but they are one tool that you can employ to help you be a more grounded person.

What do you do to become more grounded? Let us know in the comments below.

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