5 Essential Oils to Help You Attract the Love that You Want

Heart Chakra

As kids, our hearts are open. We give love freely and hopefully get a lot of it back. As we age, traumas of all shapes and sizes can start to change the way we express ourselves and carry our feelings.

Next thing you know, you’re on public transportation sending contemptuous energy out to everyone around you, feeling disconnected from and altogether irritated with your fellow humans.

Maybe you’ve experienced a block in your heart chakra when entering into a new relationship, whether it's platonic or romantic. Not having an open heart makes it hard for us to be vulnerable. Vulnerability is a necessary ingredient in forming connections. So this reluctance to put your heart out there can leave you lacking for real, close relationships.

There’s a great Ted Talk about vulnerability that I recommend. You can watch that here.

There’s nothing wrong with you. Most of us have experienced this kind of heart block at one time or another.

One of the tools you can use to support your heart chakra is aromatherapy. It’s powerful. You know the feeling when you smell something that takes you back to your third grade piano lessons (that might be a good or bad feeling for you) or to a past relationship? That's scent helping you access your emotional memories.

Today we want to talk about some essential oils that work on our hearts, helping us feel a little more open, a little more compassionate, and a little more loving.

Beyond the actual aromatherapy of these oils, using them helps you set your intention and keep it in mind throughout the day. For ideas on how to incorporate essential oils into your life, check out this article.

Here are some essential oils you can use to help you open your heart:

Rose Moroc Absolute

Of course, the rose.

It’s been used throughout history to symbolize love, often as a token of affection between lovers. It’s one of the most loved scents of all time (feel free to fact check me on that). And it’s definitely old… Research considers the rose family, Rosaceae, to be an ancient plant family.

But you don’t have to wait to receive a rose, you can give yourself the love of a rose everyday.

In aromatherapy, rose is used to promote harmony. It is the classic heart-opening essential oil.

Because roses have a low essential oil content that’s difficult to reproduce synthetically, it's one of the most precious essential oils out there.

We recommend dabbing a couple drops on your wrist to wear as your perfume, or combining with other essential oils and diffusing it at night. Blend it with Roman chamomile for a relaxing experience, or with jasmine or sandalwood to help you get romantic. Speaking of which…


If florals aren’t your thing, sandalwood might be your favorite heart-opening essential oil. With a soft, woody scent, sandalwood is often used in perfumes as a base note.

In India, sandalwood has long been used in ceremony, from birthdays to marriages to deaths.

Now, because of its amazing benefits, Indian sandalwood is being overharvested. Australian sandalwood, though not as beneficial, is a less expensive and thus more popular choice.

If you choose to buy sandalwood essential oil from India, we recommend you cherish every last drop.

Sandalwood is healing, grounding, and is said to awaken your sensuality and open you up for unconditional love. This might be a good oil to use when you and a loved one got into a disagreement, to help you move past the fight and back into love.


This essential oil comes from the wood of a tropical evergreen tree in the citrus family, Rutaceae. Its scent is sweet and woody, with a subtle vanilla note. It’s sometimes used as a base note in place of sandalwood.

Amyris works on the heart chakra, helping to calm your mind (as well as your skin). It’s also used for sensuality. Seeing a pattern here? Essential oils that help you open your heart are often helpful for sexual endeavors as well.

Combine it with vetiver for an earthy blend or lavender to give it a floral balance.


Remember that bus ride we talked about earlier? Once you get home from that dreaded commute, use some cedarwood essential oil.

Why? Cedarwood’s aroma helps to ease anger, promotes mental clarity, and helps you feel safe. It is also high in sesquiterpenes.

Warm and woodsy, cedarwood is also a great essential oil for helping you feel calm.


This is the oil you want to smell before you make a move on someone you fancy. This amazing flower heightens passion and boosts sensuality.

This oil has a similar composition to our own sweat and absorbs really easily into the skin. It’s said to be very beautifying.

Jasmine’s scent is strong but pleases most palettes. It’s great mixed with other florals and balanced with base notes like sandalwood or frankincense. Wear it only or blended when you want to feel beautiful and open yourself up for love.

Have you used any of these essential oils? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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  1. janet says

    Amazing! That is one of my favorite shrubs… syringa or mock orange up at the top. Do you use the wonderful fragrance into oils of this wonderful plant???

  2. carrie says

    Hi, I am excited about the new essential oils and all the different things you can do with them. Also, thank you for the link to Ted Talk. I so enjoyed that.

  3. Sheri says

    Oh I love sandalwood rose, have used it in a lotion for years! And yes, I’ve always been asked what I’m wearing or complimented on it.

  4. Sheryl says

    I am just starting to learn about essential oils and their benefits. I would love to know where you source your oils from??

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