Health and Beauty from Hot Springs

Visiting an Iron Rich Hot Spring in Lares, Peru!

Last month I had a great opportunity to travel to Peru with my husband, Kevin.  On that trip we visited many different places and learned some incredible things. One of my favorite experiences was during our trip to visit some Peruvian hot springs. One weekend while we were away Kev and I took a trip to Lares, which located in South Central Peru. Where we were told that some of the best hot springs in the Andes can be found there. We absolutely love hot springs, so we were excited to go check them out. I am originally from the east coast, and there are not many springs on that side of the United States. Moving out west 2 years ago has opened me up to this all-new experience.

Our Trip to the Lares Hot Springs

We heard that there was some construction on the road to Lares, so we left early in the morning.  Along the way, we found out that the road to Lares was closed and would not open again until 6pm that night. This road block put a little damper on things, so we stopped into town and did a little sight seeing around the area.  A little after six, they reopened the road and we were back on our way.  This road was the scariest road I have ever been on- winding, rocky, jagged, fallen landslides- you name it, we saw it. There were some parts that had us driving very close to the edge, with out a guard rail to protect us!

We made it to Lares, a little dusty and very stressed.  Thankfully, we were able to soak all night and the following morning in the iron-rich springs. This was able to make up for much of the stress we experienced during the road trip in. On the way back we left during the day, and the road didn’t seem as bad. I think soaking in the springs had us feeling rather stress-free, and allowed us to enjoy the return trip much more.

Benefits from Hot Springs

Hot springs are great to help relieve stress. They can also help improve circulation; many people with arthritis swear by their benefits. Many experts believe that hot mineral water to helps heal skin infections and boost your body's immunity. One of my favorite benefits received from a soak in a hot spring is that they can help release impurities through sweating!

Hot Springs Help You Absorb Minerals

In addition to all the stress-relieving benefits that hot springs can provide, a soak can help provide you with many vital minerals your body is lacking. These minerals are great for boosting your immunity to illness, as well as improving the condition of your hair and skin.

  • Sulfur: If you've never been to a hot spring before, you may be surprised that they can smell a little like rotten eggs. Don't worry, that's just the sulfur! Sulfur is great for our skin, especially for those of us who suffer from oily skin and clogged pores.
  • Iron: The springs that I visited in Lares were very rich in iron, which gave the water its very red appearance. Soaking in iron-filled water is awesome for your body.
  • Selenium:  Is a trace mineral needed for healthy blood cells and organs.
  • Boron: A mineral involved in the metabolism of hormones.  It also plays a major role in preventing osteoporosis and arthritis, and also in managing menopause symptoms.

Many of the elders at the springs swear the waters are healing and have helped them stay strong and flexible. I have noticed that whenever I soak in one, I come out of it stress free and relaxed.  My skin is glowing and super soft, as my hair is shiny and smooth.

Have you soaked in a hot spring? Tell me about your experience! If not it, is your homework assignment. Next time you are planning a vacation, plan it in an area that offers hot springs and go for a dip.


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