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Our staff trickles in anywhere between 8 and 9am during the work week, which makes it our most and least productive hour of the day. Why? We’re all in the kitchen. It’s coffee time and we’re talking about everything from last night, the weekend, the upcoming sales, and the newest thing the team is trying. A lot of inspiration comes to us during our morning coffee meetings—I like to call them meetings because it sounds much more official—so when this month’s WeHeart was all about the coffee, we were literally jumping for joy (after our first cuppa, obviously).

fatCoffee from NinjaGoat Nutrition is out of this world delicious and we all found that our energy lasted so much longer in the day without that shaky, overly caffeinated feeling that coffee often gives us.

So, What is a Ninja Goat?

We wondered the same thing, so I asked.

The “goat” comes from goat herders in the Himalayan Mountains—the first time (that we know of) where humans used butter in their coffee. They did this because they were desperate for sustenance on their long journey through the cold, windy mountains. Called po cha, or Tibetan Butter Tea, it was typically made with fermented yak or goat butter.

The “ninja” in NinjaGoat is a little more mysterious. It’s inspired by the product itself, the energy that fatCoffee imparts reminded Ben, the founder and Chief Ninja, of subtlety and grace of a ninja’s warrior spirit. Thus, NinjaGoat was born.

These days, we know that our bodies convert fat to energy (and sugars to fat) but oh how good our ancestors must have felt to discover such an immediate stamina upgrade.

NinjaGoat goes a lot further than just putting butter in your morning cuppa. The ingredients are completely organic and sustainably sourced. They work with products from the happiest cows raised on purely organic pasture, wet milled coconut oil, and pharmaceutical-grade MCT oil in all of their products. Like us, they don’t use any sort of chemical preservatives or stabilizers in their products so it’s all packaged in individual serving sizes to ensure the freshness of every package.

Their product is fatCoffee, and can I just tell you it’s amazing?

fatCoffee Ingredients

We’re an 11 person team running an international company so we like efficiency, healthy choices, and feeling great. We live in the Bay Area so we’re spoiled with the foodie culture and we expect delicious along with nutritious. That’s fatCoffee in a nutshell. We sampled their Milk Free product and fell in love with the rich texture and sustained energy. I mean, just check out the ingredients:

Ingredients: Organic ghee, organic coconut oil, MCT oil, Organic Powdered Coconut Milk, Organic cocoa butter, organic ground vanilla bean powder.

Rather than using butter, fatCoffee takes the extra step to clarify the butter for their product. We’ve talked about the benefits of ghee before so we were stoked to see the organic ghee listed as the main ingredient in the fatCoffee.

The coconuts are grown on small family farms in the Philippines and are pressed by the same hands that pick them. Their coconut oil is wet-milled, meaning that it is unrefined and never heated so the natural antioxidant content is left intact.

MCT Oil is a distilled oil made completely of medium-chain triglycerides (that’s what MCT stands for). The fatCoffee team uses it to give add an extra energy boost because medium chain fatty acids can be utilized by the body to produce energy without being stored as fat. Yep. We want that.

In most of their products, NinjaGoat uses organic whole powdered goat’s milk to keep their product portable and easy to mix but the milk free version that we loved uses powdered coconut milk. The coconut milk adds an extra frothy texture and helps the coconut oil blend even better with our coffees.

Even fatCoffee admits that their addition of the cocoa butter and vanilla powder is a bit indulgent…but we don’t fault them for it in the slightest. This little addition brings the richness of flavor to a whole new level that has us kissing the coffee shop goodbye.

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    • Annmarie Skin Care says

      They should be, Amanda! Maybe reach out to NinjaGoat for more info, they will know for sure 🙂

  1. Elizabeth Resnick says

    Thanks for the Intro…I will have to check out Ninja Goat. I’ve been blending fat into my coffee for years. It’s always a popular subject on my happy, healthy and hot blog. I can attest to the increased energy and focus that it gives me. Plus it tastes great. The cocoa butter and vanilla would totally take things to the next level!

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