Our Cup of Tea: Music Edition


Its no secret that we love music at Annmarie Skin Care. From mellowing out to singing bowls after a yoga class, to putting on some funky beats for a night on the town – we're talking all types of tunes.

Each of us has our own special relationship with music and experiences its healing power in different ways. For this month's cup of tea, we're diving into how the team relates and escapes when the headphones go on.


Music nourishes my soul in a way that nothing else can. It serves as my coping mechanism, therapist, spiritual guide and best friend all wrapped into one. I especially appreciate live music. I have had many spiritual experiences at live concerts, and the only explanation that makes sense to me is that these musicians are channeling the energy of the cosmos, and this is the universe's way of communicating with us in this dimension. This tells me that there is something greater than myself out there, and that thought in itself is the greatest healing power of all.


Simply listening to music is the best form of therapy that I've found. Specifically listening to music while driving— I could drive around with no destination in mind, listening to the entire Rumors album by Fleetwood Mac over and over for hours on end (in fact, I have done this many times). I have playlists for every mood, however I am also that person who listens to the same song until I get sick of it. Meaning that most of my playlists contain 10 songs or less, and I listen to them all on repeat until I am ready to move onto the next one. I find solace in music every single day.


Music/sound is the greatest healer I know of. It allows me to go deep inside myself and sort out my feelings in a way I couldn't do in silence. Trevor Hall's album ‘Kala' is what I listen to typically when I'm feeling down, it is like my comfort blanket. When my partner gets home and hears that playing, he knows what to prepare for! 😉 Music is also the greatest mood enhancer when I'm feeling good. Being able to listen to reggae music when it's sunny outside puts me in the best mood ever! And without silly 90's throwbacks, my living room dance parties wouldn't be nearly as fun. The greatest release for me is to put on instrumental music and improvise singing. I sometimes think if I had to choose between being blind and deaf, I would have to choose blind so I wouldn't need to give up music.


Music is sooooo healing and truly nourishes me! There is nothing like escaping into my own world to listen to and belt out a few great songs! I absolutely love to sing (just not in front of people) and when I do, I connect with the words and let them just take over. It's like my therapy! Personally, my throat chakra often becomes imbalanced, and singing balances it out almost immediately! I love all types of different music, especially country! Carrie Underwood and Jason Aldean's music and lyrics resonate the most with me. Music is also particularly helpful to get me motivated when I'm in the gym!


Music is my vice. Ask me what my next show is rather than the type I listen to—it's Marty O'Reilly, and my last one was Emancipator, in case you're curious. My friends (and probably my coworkers too) will tell you that I'm always dancing or singing and at any given time, my headphones could have jazz, electronic, drum and bass, indie rock, rap, R&B, or even classical blasting—I look for the passion and talent in an artist, it brings me to my center.

What's on your playlist this month? Let us know in the comments!

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