Our 6 Favorite Ways to Use Coconut Oil for Beauty

Even with the recent update from the American Heart Association saying that coconut oil, like other fats, is best in moderation in your diet, it is still your skin and hair’s dream come true. It has a deep moisturizing quality while offering nutrients that beautify your body.

We infuse our Coconut Body Oil (and many of our other products) with herbs so that it brings nourishing antioxidants with it as it penetrates deep into your skin but we also like to use it on its own because it's an amazing ingredient that you can use in your daily routine.

Here are our 6 favorite ways to use coconut oil.

Makeup Remover

Before you spend money on a product designed to remove makeup, consider using coconut oil to do the trick. You can use a cotton ball and just a bit of coconut oil and use it to wipe eye makeup off.

If your skin is not oily, you can do all over your face to remove the last bits of foundation after cleansing. Those with oily skin may be better off using grapeseed oil to remove facial makeup.

As a Leave-in Conditioner

Dry hair got you feeling less than glamorous? Applying coconut oil can help with that, too.

Massage some into your ends after your normal styling routine, or apply generously all over your hair and leave it on overnight (make sure to cover your pillow with a towel). In the morning, coat your head with a safe soap, like Dr. Bronner's or an organic shampoo (make sure you do this BEFORE adding water) and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Then rinse and style as normal.

This super moisturizer will help restore shine and softness to dry, overworked hair.

Oil Pulling

Have you started oil pulling yet? Have you heard what oil pulling is?

If not, get the full scoop here.

Oil pulling is the ancient practice of rinsing one’s mouth with oil. Traditionally sesame oil is preferred, but many people use coconut oil instead because, frankly, coconut oil tastes a lot better and the benefits are the same.

Coconut Lip Balm

You can’t get much more natural than pure coconut oil as your lip balm. It does the trick, relieving chapped lips and giving your pout a shiny finish.

We love using sample kit containers to store coconut oil, plus a drop or two of peppermint essential oil. This makes for a super refreshing lip treatment. We recommending kissing someone ASAP after applying.

Check out this article where we talk about ways you can reuse your ASC bottles and tubs!

Moisturizing Coconut Oil Face Masks

Our Coconut Honey Mask is a delicious way to eliminate dry skin, while helping to soothe and diminish the appearance of wrinkles. Honey, coconut oil, beautiful skin… What’s not to love?

For some people, moisturizing with extra virgin coconut oil clogs their pores and causes breakouts (that’s why we use fractionated coconut oil in some of our facial moisturizers). But applying fractionated coconut oil as a mask and then washing it off after is a great way to enjoy the benefits of the moisturizer without clogging your pores.

Check out this article for our ‘Dessert Facial Mask’ recipe that includes coconut oil (and cocoa powder, yum!).

Body Butter

On its own, coconut oil makes a great body moisturizer. Add just a few other ingredients and you’ve got something uber luxurious.

This recipe from Trash is for Tossers is great. (This blog is devoted to living a waste-free lifestyle. We love it!) Using a hand blender gives you an amazing whipped texture—you won’t believe it came out of your kitchen!

Is Coconut Oil Good For Your Face?

This is a hot debate right now, some people swear by using coconut oil as their daily facial moisturizer and others find that it clogs their pores. This all has to do with your specific skin type. People with dry skin can typically use extra virgin coconut oil as part of their daily beauty routine but for people that are working with oily skin, it may be better to either incorporate other oils with the coconut oil or to use fractionated coconut oil for their daily moisturizer. You can read more about that here.

How do you use coconut oil for beauty or otherwise? Let us know in the comments below.
“Saturated fats: Why all the hubbub over coconuts?” News on Heart.org. N.p., 22 June 2017. Web. 20 July 2017.

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  1. Cathereine says

    I was using a teaspoon coconut oil in my oatmeal every morning and I was starting to feel great but then I looked it up and found out it raises cholesterol so i stopped It was disappointing because It made me feel so good.

    • denyse says

      I doubt very much the cholesterol raised by coconut virgin oil because in US there is a doctor that wrote 7 books on coconut virgin oil and one of them is called “EAT FAT AND LOOK THIN” — with 3 tablespoon a day — one at each meal — (same as if you have a cold that goes away in 3 days!)

  2. Carol says

    I’ve been using coconut oil for over thirty yeas now. I have no wrinkles on my face I also use it on my body and hair. I use only tropical tradition coconut oil the best.

  3. Michele Quinlan Nelson says

    Would love to try and f I like it I would purchase, however if you want me to try it I will not pay for you to send it to me, no matter how great it sounds.

  4. Brenda says

    I just put Organic coconut oil on my face at night and I have found that the fine lines around my eyes are going away.

  5. DeeDee says

    Coconut oil has many uses for me. My #1 favorite leave in conditioner. It has transformed my hair from being dry and unruly to being silky and supple.
    2) oil pulling and/or mixed with toothpaste to remove mercury residue from amalgam filings. Also leaves my teeth with a polished feel.
    3) make up remover. No more expensive remover and eye creams.

  6. Rosanne says

    I combine little coconut oil, turmeric, baking soda, which makes a scrub for the face and body. I do this in the shower for the turmeric may stain. So far so good makes my face feel totally moisturized. I also make a tooth paste out of fhe same but I add a little peppermint oil to it. Not bad.

  7. Kandi says

    I learned a lot on how to naturally treat aging skin from my Aunt Leone and aging dancers I met when living in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    Apply Noxema Skin Cream to face, neck and arms and any part of body that seems to be aging more. Whether taking a sponge bath or a tub bath, wash skin with a kitchen foam/sandpaper scrubber by using the sandpaper side gently to wash the skin. The skin is exfoliated and removes the layer of aging skin. Plus I gently walk the dog on the East Wetzel Rail Trail for 30-60 minutes 4 or 5 times a week to keep my legs strong.

  8. beth watson says

    have been using coconut oil for my face, body and lip for a while now ,
    Thanks for all the other ways listed. Can’t wait to try the “pulling”

  9. Maria says

    Greetings! Certainly I love coconut oil. I have been use it, since I was a child. I was born in Puerto Rico, and I know very well the great benefits of virgin coconut oil, when my mother used it in her face, hair and body. Also she prepared food, desserts, ground coconut meat for raspados. We call it limber! It is delicious!.

  10. Mary Largent says

    To reduce the appearance of large pores…make a paste with coconut oil and baking soda.
    Use once a week!

  11. Wendy says

    I also use coconut oil as a natural, non-chemical, one ingredient sunblock. Just refresh after excessive sweating and more often if swimming. I usually get a very gentle color glow to my skin that is more natural looking than the deepest tan of sun worshipers!

  12. junelewisJune says

    I slather coconut oil on my legs, then shave them then shower . Your legs feel soft & smooth & no terrible nicks. I also use coconut oil on my face at night then wipe off the oil with an infused ( cucumber, collagen, Vitamin E ( or many infused facial wipes. I have jar coconut oil in the kitchen & a jar in the bathroom…Love my coconut oil

  13. Joyce cline says

    I got a rescue dog who had thin hair and started using coconut oil on it and now it is thick soft and silky and shiny

  14. Alveta Spencer says

    I use coconut oil on my hands as a hand lotion and then pet my cat and her hair feels so silky and I know it is good for her bawls when she licks herself!! I am more than satisfied with Coconut oil! Thanks much!!

  15. Phyllis Howells says

    I use coconut oil as a deodorant as well as skin and teeth, etc. In fact, my dentist and I try to outdo each other for uses. (he is a Holistic dentist)????
    When I was a Massage Therapist, I used fractionated coconut oil mixed with Lavender essential oil as a massage oil. I also eat it for various internal issues as well. I have used it as a first aid application on scratches, scrapes, minor open wounds. I take it at bedtime to help me sleep, also. I use it in my tea, on my food, such as greasy types of food or anything that upsets your stomach. I use it instead of butter on my toast. The uses are endless!! I have 3 different books about Coconut Oil and the different medical issues it can be used for, also. I think the only thing I haven’t used it for is my hair. I have oily hair, so I don’t use any oil on it. I’ll probably think of more uses after I send this message. But, for now, these will do.????

  16. Pamela Mann says

    I have Leaky Gut Syndrome and frequently have diarrhea, I was told to take 2 Tablespoons of coconut oil straight out of the jar after my first bowel movement each morning or after having a loose bowel because it will help keep the feces solidified. I have been doing this for 2 months and have had successful results.

    In my cooking, I have stopped using all other forms of oil, for the coconut oil, I find that many of the foods I eat taste better with it, and when frying with it, that its crispier and lighter than when fried in other types of oils.

    I have a jar of coconut oil in my bathroom and do use it on my skin as a moisturizer and it does a great job. I know someone asked if it dried out your skin, no it does not. My skin always feels good up to 24 hours after putting it on. I can’t imagine using anything else now!

    One of my favorite miracle food items. I will be checking out the lip balm recipe and the face mask with honey.

    Thank you.

  17. Krista says

    Lather coconut oil on bottom of feet and where hemp/cotton socks to bed!

    As a wound care nurse, coconut oil is my recommendation to patients for skin healing post stitches and when skin has just closed

  18. Gundula says

    I have started to add a couple of tsps. to my warm lemon water in the morning. Not only get I re-hydrated, I also get a dose of good oil for my skin from the inside….not to mention all my organs get an “oiling” too.

  19. Mary says

    I spoke with a vendor selling Hemp oil products at a farmers Market and when I told him I used coconut oil for my moisturizer he told me that coconut oil actually dries your skin out. Can you please comment?

  20. Kris says

    I haven’t tried this yet, but I plan to. You can mix coconut oil and baking soda into a paste and use it for toothpaste. The coconut oil gets at the bacteria and plaque and the baking soda provides gentle abrasion, whitening, and deodorizing. Lastly you can add peppermint or spearment essenial oils for breath freshining. I can’t wait to try this!

  21. Freddy says

    re: # 3 Oil pulling
    I heard/read much about this…other than being the latest rage, I can’t find much evidence based support / data for purported benefits: can you point to me to some studies?

    Seems any bacteria / plaque reduction is purely a mechanical effect …? And could be achieved with , say, plain water or salt water pulling or mouthwash pulling, etc?

    Whitening claims seem dubious – any studies/data?

    thanks !

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