Bring Your Skin Back to Life with our Dead Sea Scrub

Dead Sea Scrub

You know that minerals like zinc, selenium, and magnesium are good for your overall health. But did you know that they’re necessary for healthy, vibrant, and youthful looking skin?

Turns out that each of the fourteen essential minerals plays a role to support your skin.

Eating a healthy diet is the best way to supply the skin with the minerals it needs. The best way to do that? With our Dead Sea Scrub!

This gentle exfoliator is like a feast of minerals for your skin, drawn directly from the mineral-rich mud of the Dead Sea. Add to that ingredients like siliceous earth, lavender oil, and rosemary extract, and you have a natural spa treatment right in your home that will leave your skin smooth, soft, and glowing.

Why You Need to Exfoliate Just Right

We debuted this product in 2011 as a natural alternative to expensive and chemical-filled treatments. Though there’s a lot more to this product than exfoliation, we’ll start there, as it’s one of the key benefits.

We’ve all been taught that as we age, the skin looks more dull and lifeless. When we exfoliate once a week or more, we encourage good looking skin and possibly even reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

There’s another potential side to exfoliation, though, that’s not so pretty. Products (or treatments) that are too harsh (think nut scrubs or harsh acid masks) can actually do more harm than good, particularly if we use them too often.

Scrubs can create small cuts in the skin, and may exacerbate redness and inflammation. You may end up breaking out more than you were before, or actually accelerating the aging process.

Inflammation is enemy number one when it comes to youthful-looking skin, so if your exfoliation process is inflaming your skin, you may want to think twice about using it.

The Dead Sea Scrub, on the other hand, uses Dead Sea clay to gently exfoliate and when you use it regularly, you encourage and nourish your skin with key minerals at the same time.

A Mineral Feast for Your Skin

The Dead Sea has long been known as a place of healing. Ancient populations used it to soothe a variety of illnesses and injuries. Even today thousands of visitors go to the Dead Sea seeking spa treatments and therapies.

An analysis of Dead Sea mud in 2006 found that it contained the following minerals:

  • Silicon: Helps plump the skin.
  • Calcium: Maintains a strong barrier so skin stay moisturized.
  • Magnesium: Soothes and protects.
  • Iodine: Protects from environmental stressors.
  • Sodium: Helps exfoliate, encouraging healthy, youthful looking skin.
  • Potassium: Balances moisture in skin, helping to keep cells hydrated. Dry skin may be a sign of a potassium deficiency!
  • Sulfur: Helps remove impurities.
  • Phosphorus: Tightens and firms.
  • Bromide: Restores vitality to the complexion.

Since all of these minerals are present in the mud, the skin can easily recognize and absorb them, unlike other formulations that may leave minerals resting on the surface of the skin where they remain ineffective.

As you enjoy the cooling effect of this product on your skin, you can rest assured that your skin is soaking up all those good minerals for vibrant results after you rinse!

Siliceous Earth Tightens and Firms the Appearance of Skin

Along with all the goodness of the Dead Sea clay, this scrub also soaks the skin in siliceous earth, which is a purified form of silica. Silica is common mineral found in soil, sandstone, and other rocks. It plays a vital role in many bodily functions, and helps the body absorb minerals.

Adding siliceous earth to our Dead Sea scrub helps your skin absorb all those great minerals, but the benefits go beyond that. It also provides the following:

  • Exfoliating action: You’ll feel it going to work when you use the scrub, and your skin will be left feeling refreshed and tingling.
  • Absorbing power: Though the Dead Sea clay absorbs impurities and excess oil from the skin, siliceous earth does, as well, so when you finish with this scrub, your skin will feel clean and clear, and your pores will look smaller.
  • Supporting ability: Adding silica to the skin helps support that firm, tight look we all want.
  • Calming feeling: If you suffer from sensitive skin, this ingredient will help.
  • Moisturization: With regular use, siliceous earth helps keep your skin feeling moist, keeping skin looking supple and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Soothe and Refresh with Lavender & RosemaryDead Sea Scrub - Ingredients

We added these two essential oils to help tone, firm, and refresh the look of your skin — that are also appropriate for sensitive skin — lavender and rosemary (the latter is a great way to refresh oily skin without causing dryness.)

A Centuries-Old Spa Treatment

People have been flocking to the Dead Sea for centuries to experience the health and beauty benefits. Why not take advantage of this ancient wonder for yourself?

You don’t have to travel overseas. With our Dead Sea Scrub, you can enjoy the effects of the Dead Sea in your own home, along with the added benefits of siliceous earth and key essential oils. You’ll be amazed at the effects on your skin!

Try our Dead Sea Scrub today.

Have you tried our Dead Sea Scrub? What did you think? Please share your thoughts.

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