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One thing that sets Annmarie Skin Care apart is that we don’t just tout our organic and eco-friendly beauty products as a company. Our team members are individually dedicated to supporting socially conscious companies that are doing their part for the environment. We always share these incredible companies with each other as soon as we find one that we like—sometimes it seems like the Annmarie Team is overtaken by one of these brands…like the time four people on the team all bought Dansko shoes and wore them everyday, #twinsies.

This year, we decided to compile a list of the brands that inspire us, reach out to them, and then share them with you. So we’re excited that it’s finally time to announce our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide.

But just compiling attainable, beautiful, sustainable companies didn’t seem like it was quite enough. We love them so much that we decided that we wanted to give away some of their products. So when we reached out to let them know they were in our guide, we also asked if they wanted to donate to our gift basket. We had an overwhelming outpouring of love from our newest partners and our gift basket is overflowing with everything from free jewelry, wine for a penny, clothing, art, and skin care (yes, ours).

Click here to download the guide and sign up to win the gift basket

What’s in the Holiday Gift Set?

This gift set has us drooling. Not only are we thrilled about sharing these companies with you, we’re more than a little jealous that one of you will win this incredible gift basket (worth over $500) from our most trusted brands.

6 Bottles from Dry Farm Wines for 1cent

We’ve added Dry Farm Wines to our WeHeart community a couple of months ago, but here’s a quick refresher. They work with the finest wine companies all over the world to offer sustainable, low sugar, non-additive, wines. Dry farming means that the grapevines aren’t offered artificial irrigation, so the opportunistic vines have to dig deep into the soil to find their water source—and that deep root pulls in more minerals from the soil to feed the grapes, resulting in higher quality grapes (and higher quality wines). These vines are also organically grown and are naturally less susceptible to pests and diseases so don’t require herbicides and pesticides.

Dry Farm Wines included a voucher so you can try 6 bottles of wine for a penny!

Planted Design

We are low-key obsessed with Planted Design. We have several walls in our office completely covered with their moss designs and we love to show them off (they are the first thing you see when you walk into our main office and retail space). So when we decided to make a guide and give away goodies, we were so thrilled when Amanda with Planted Design made one specifically for this giveaway. Check it out:

Amour Vert Signature Francoise Tee in Marine Stripe

It means, “Love Green” in French, and that’s because Amour Vert was founded on the belief that great fashion and social responsibility can coexist. This company uses everything from non-toxic dyes to sustainable fabrics and with their zero-waste philosophy, they bring serious, sustainable quality to timeless fashion.

Amour Vert is offering one of their most popular shirts in the gift basket.

A Variety Pack of Numi Holistic Teasans

Numi is one of the few companies that are part of The Tri with us. This company does way more than just sell organic, hand picked teas from small farms around the world. They give and give and give back with their foundation. Both locally in Oakland, CA and worldwide, they are dedicated to helping provide safe, clean water to underserved populations.

They’re offering a variety pack that features each type of Teasan they offer.

ASC Holiday Deluxe Spa Gift Set

Of course we’re adding to the gift set as well, and it’s one our favorite (and most luxury) Gift Set we have ever made. The Holiday Deluxe Spa Gift Set features our newest product: the Phytonutrient Cleanser, its sister serum: the Wild Fruit Serum, the exclusive-for-this-set-only: Wild Woods Soaking Salts, the ultra firming: Purifying Mud Mask, and our handmade Mask Treatment Bowl with the monogramed Applicator Brush. It’s truly a one of a kind skin care set.

Tess Young Jewelry

Tess is actually personal friend of the team. She makes all of her jewelry by hand and specializes in unique pieces—she says that she loves when someone comes to her with a new idea for a piece and she gets to turn it into their dream accessory. Adding her to our gift guide—and our gift basket—means that we get to support someone we love personally and professionally while we watch her small, eco-friendly business grow. It’s truly incredible to witness and we’re so grateful to be able to share this beauty with you.

Excited about our Holiday Gift Guide and our Giveaway? Download the guide and enter to win here!

We’ll choose a winner and let them know on December 11th.

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