An Inside Look at the Creation of Our New Jade Stone Tools

jade roller

With the exciting addition of Jade Stone Rollers to our product line right around the corner, we wanted to share our process behind sourcing the jade stone and creating these beautiful tools.

Our intention behind adding these tools to our line is to promote holistic skin care, beyond just product. While skin elixirs are no doubt our specialty, we recognize the value in taking care of our skin in a myriad of ways. Simply setting aside time for a more thorough and mindful skin care routine is an all-too-often forgotten key to beautiful skin.

Sustainably Sourced

Like with all our products, we take the sourcing and creation of what we sell seriously.

It’s our way of ensuring that fair and sustainable practices are used from start to finish—and so you can rest assured that you are making a planet and people-friendly purchase.

Why jade stone?

Jade stone is believed to hold many properties that can give the skin's appearance a healthy glow.

Jade stone has been formed into tools for the skin for centuries. Gua Sha and Jade Stone Roller tools are both carved from jade stone and used to help boost vitality and beautify the look of skin.

What are the benefits of using jade stone?

Jade stone is safe and gentle for all skin types, it is simple to use and pain free. Not to mention, the tools are easy to keep clean and durable enough to use for many years. Many facial tools become landfill items, however, a jade stone can be broken down, is easier on the environment and can even be passed down as an heirloom item.

By using them in conjunction with your daily skin care routine, you will begin to notice a lifted, more rejuvenated look, while reducing the appearance of puffiness.

Another one of our favorite tips is using the jade stone roller immediately after applying a serum. This increases the absorption of the serum, helping it to truly soak into the skin for an optimum glow.

These effects combined with the healing properties of the jade stone can lead to a clearer, firmer, smoother complexion.

jade stone behind the scenes

Jade stones from our manufacturing partners

Where is the jade stone from?

Just as we value having a relationship with the farmers who grow the plants that make our skin care so magical, we also value having a relationship with those who create our jade stone tools.

Our jade stone rollers come from China, and we maintain a close relationship with the people who manufacture them, including regular factory visits. You can rest assured that our jade stone isn’t coming from a factory sized warehouse, but a small family business.

In light of transparency, we gathered some photos from our latest factory visit, which are shared throughout this post.

Jade tools being created

Different stones worked with at the manufacturing center

What type of jade stone do you use?

Our jade stone tools are made out of Xiuyan jade stone that comes from the Xiuyan County of Liaoning Province. Xiuyan jade stone is in the Nephrite category (along with a few other different kinds of jade), as opposed to the Jadeite category which only contains Jadeite.

Nephrite jade was the first jade discovered in China. This form has been used and carved since ancient times and is known as traditional jade.

Jade Stone

What do the different colors mean?

These jade stones come in a range of rich colors, as it contains many different minerals and can contain other rocks (like dolomite, tremolite, granite, actinolit, agate, perhaps inclusions of graphite and reminisce of serpentine) depending on where it was mined.

This wide-ranging variety of color is exactly what makes this type of jade stone so beautiful, like a sea of green. The depth of the color is related to the amount of iron—when the iron is contained, the green color is generally dark, and vice versa.

The translucency is related to mineral composition and chemical composition—when Xiuyan jade stone is composed entirely of serpentine, its transparency is high. If the impurity content of this serpentine is lower, the transparency is poor, giving the stone a rich green color.

Depending on the mineral and chemical composition, Jade stone can also have a wide range of finishes and lusters, ranging from a strong waxy luster, to a glass luster, to an occasionally oily luster, along with varying degrees of translucency.

Coming soon!

We are beyond excited to share the magic of jade with you and add jade stone tools to our product line.

Be sure to sign up for notifications here to learn when you can get your Jade Stone Roller.


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