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Just in case this isn’t obvious to you, we have a super active team culture. We work closely together, sure, but we also do things like meditate and workout together, we go on walks and eat lunch as a team. Everyone on our team is health focused and excited about feeling good in our bodies (don’t forget looking fly while we do it) so when we get the chance to try a new health food or skin care product we jump at it!

This time our new-found friend is baobab and we have shared it with you before so we’ll keep this short and sweet but this fruit and Bumbleroot, the company that sells it, are so awesome that we want to share them with you again.

You’re probably thinking, “Oh great, another super food,” and I’ll admit that I thought so too until I tried it for myself.

Baobab is higher in antioxidants than just about anything else on the shelves, including acai and goji berries, but it’s also high in vitamins C and B and has loads of minerals like calcium, potassium, and magnesium. It’s the total package for sustainable energy.

The Bumbleroot Story

While Bumbleroot’s founder, Sara, was living in Zimbabwe she heard about the baobab tree and its fruit. She tried it out and fell in love with the tree and the sustainable energy she got from working with it. She learned about how the fruit was harvested and spent time personally searching for sustainable farmers that were interested in sharing baobab widely.

Bumbleroot offers both pure baobab powder and amazing hydrating drink mixes that feature the fruit along with other power packed ingredients. We highlight both of the products because they are absolutely phenomenal!

Blueberry Superfood Hydration Drink Mix

Baobab, coconut, dried blueberry, and monk fruit with a tiny bit of organic sea salt and some citric acid to preserve—that’s it. If the benefits of baobab weren’t enough, this adds even more antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes to boot. I’m telling you this drink mix is next level energy in a cup, not to mention it's pretty darn tasty.

What’s cool about the baobab fruit is that it comes off the tree dry and ready to powder and the other ingredients are all real fruits that are easily dehydrated and powdered for use so there isn’t a whole lot of processing that goes into these drink mixes, which is great because nutrients like these can be finicky in the body and too much processing can render them useless.
Because this is a powder, it’s so easy to throw into a bag and have it anytime. You can add it to your reusable water bottle rather than having to buy a new plastic bottle every time you want to use it. The ease of transport along with the nutrient-dense contents makes it perfect to carry in my backpacking gear for the last power punch before getting to a good resting spot and in my purse for the midday munchies.

Baobab Powder

I could tell you all about the internal benefits of the baobab powder and I know you’ll love to hear about that, but I thought it would be more fun to tell you about making a face mask for your skin type.

A Simple Facial Mask for Oily Skin

Using the powder with plain water is a wonderful mask for oily skin.


  • 2 tsp baobab powder
  • Water – just enough for a thick paste

This is the mask that I used. The powder dried pretty quickly and got really hard—it cracked when I laughed with a coworker. I could feel it pulling impurities out of my skin and was a little bit worried that it would dry my skin out too much because of how tight it felt by the time it was dry but when I washed it off I was ecstatic! My skin was legitimately brighter and more hydrated—I felt like the powder pushed all the water I made the mask with into my skin, I was downright dewey!

A Simple Facial Mask for Dry Skin

Because this felt tight on my oily skin with just water, I wouldn’t suggest it plain for dry skin. It probably wouldn’t dry the skin out more but it might be uncomfortable on dry skin during the treatment.


  • 2 tsp Baobab powder
  • Plain/Greek yogurt to desired consistency

This mask is super simple and you can always add more nourishing ingredients for your dry skin. It could be nice to add a little bit of coconut oil or even a pump or two of your favorite facial oil to make it extra moisturizing. Make sure you mix it really well so that it’s all an even consistency.

A Recipe for All Skin Types

It’s exciting for us to find an ingredient that can be used as a mask on its own and as part of a recipe. For all skin types, especially combination skin, Rachel suggests this:


  • 2 tsp baobab powder
  • 1 tsp clay (PMM)
  • 1 tsp honey
  • 1 tsp apple cider vinegar
  • One pump of your favorite oil

skin care is fun! So feel free to play around with your ingredients and the consistency. If you have sensitive skin, use a less apple cider vinegar because it’s pretty powerful stuff and it can turn your skin a little red. If you want to add an extra mineral powder (like matcha) or a different kind of clay, that’s great too. Sometimes we like to add activated charcoal if we’re having clogged pores or coarsely ground oatmeal if we need a little gentle exfoliating action. This is your time to look at your skin type and get a feel for what your skin needs!

A Coupon For You

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We know we can’t change the world alone so every month we highlight another amazing company in the clean-living community that we’re creating! We share companies that we’ve vetted and trust in their transparency and integrity with the work that they do because we’re stronger when we work together to create a cohesive Earth-based and sustainable society.
Do you know of a company you think fits with our values? Write into us and we’ll get the eco-friendly party started!

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  1. Janeene says

    Love these skin care recipes – however you need to define the meaning of (PMM) after listing the ingredient clay. Also – one pump of your favourite oil – do you mean essential oil OR olive oil OR other type of oil? Can I mention that it’s rather hard to read this discussion window as the text is VERY pale.

    • Annmarie Skin Care says

      Hi, Janeene! PMM is the acronym for our Purifying Mud Mask 🙂 Sorry for the confusion there. For the pump of your favorite oil, that would be your favorite Herbal Facial Oil within our line. I hope this may clarify!

  2. Saad Khan says

    Hi I know of a great company called Cocokind. They too have such a passion to make the most of using organic ingredients in their skin care, all founded around the miracle ingredient that is coconut oil. They also help support children charities in the USA, so when you purchase their products, you know that your money will be going towards something remarkable like helping kids get their first books and so that families in poorer areas can provide their children with healthier meals and other great causes.

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