10 Uses for Avocado Oil You May Not Know About (Plus How to Get a Free Bottle)


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Avocado oil is pretty darned awesome. By now, we pretty much all know of the amazing benefits that this oil can have for your body, both internally and on the outside. But did you know that avocado oil has a bunch of different uses, not just the ones we all hear about? Read on to find out 10 uses for avocado oil you might not have suspected!

1—Caffeine Eye Serum

If you have dark circles under your eyes, this one is for you! Get yourself some highly caffeinated ground coffee and infuse it in sweet almond oil (about ½ cup of coffee in a jar, then add enough almond oil to just cover it. Store in a dark, cool place for four to five days, then strain the infused oil into another jar. Add a tablespoon of avocado oil, and put the mixture into an applicator bottle. Putting it on the dark circles under your eyes will work wonders for reducing them in the morning!

2—Body Scrub

You can make a quick and easy body scrub out of avocado oil! Just mix it with brown sugar (enough to leave a lot of granules, making a thick paste) and you will have a body scrub that will condition your skin too! It’s a win-win!

3—A Quick Squeak Fixer

In the absence of fix-it lubricants (how many times have you been on vacation and just hated the squeaky cabinet or front door of your rental?), a few drops of avocado oil on the hinge will make a world of difference. Since it is so high in fats, it makes for a great lubricant, and will stay on the joint for a long time. Make sure you drop some on the hinge and work the door back and forth to get the oil into the insides of the hinge.

4—Cuticle Oil

Along with just about every other part of your body, your cuticles will thank you for using avocado oil instead of your regular cuticle oil. It will nurture and soothe the area without adding any of the chemicals or preservatives that you often find in these products.

5—Light Sunscreen

Avocado oil can be used along with your natural sunscreen. Mixing avocado oil and zinc oxide can provide some long-lasting sunscreen which will also moisturize your skin at the same time. Remember that the mixture will be about 5 to 10 SPF, so only use it if you need lighter protection!

6—Massage Oil

Many different oils are used for massage, but avocado oil should be near the top of the list. Add 10 drops of your favorite essential oil per ounce (we like lavender for its soothing qualities) and you have a fantastic massage oil at a fraction of the cost of premade ones.

7—Oiling Leather

One thing you can do to shine your leather shoes is to oil them. We recommend using a leather cleaner first, then using a shoe cream or polish. At the very end, though, to make that leather keep a long-lasting shine, you can use a cloth and rub in some avocado oil. The high level of monosaturated fats will keep that shine going on much longer than shoe polish alone! Just make sure you don’t use it on light colored leather without the cream or polish first.

8—Cosmetics Remover

You can use avocado oil as a cosmetics remover for your eye makeup. Get a cotton ball or wipe, and go ahead and cover it liberally with the oil. Use it like a regular cosmetics remover, except your eyes will feel great and moisturized afterwards!

9—Diaper Rash

Little one have diaper rash? Don’t like using chemicals and creams? You can use just a bit of avocado oil on the affected area. The mitigating properties found in it should help the irritation go away pretty fast!

10—Tool Protector

Avocado oil makes a great protector for tools to keep them from getting rusty. If you have any older, non-stainless steel knives and/or tools lying around, clean them up, get the rust off of them, and sharpen them if they need it. Give them a good final cleaning, and then rub them down with avocado oil. It will make sure that your implements won’t rust and that they last for a much longer time than they would otherwise.

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These tips have been garnered from all over, and we hope they help you! Let us know what interesting uses you have for your avocado oil in the comments.

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