4 Ways You Beat the Winter Blues


Thankfully, the days are (ever-so-subtly) getting longer. And as the Earth slowly turns beneath our soles, life begins taking on more color. We start dreaming up a garden of brassicas in our free time, perhaps, or we tackle our yearly resolutions with newfound vigor.

But in a lot of the country, its still cold, really cold. We all have our own ways of outrunning the winter and we're curious what suggestions our community has, so we reached out to our email list to ask. These were the top four responses.

1—Charlotte from Casper, WY

I take extra vitamin D during the winter! I also start planning out my vegetable and flower gardens, order seeds, organize supplies, draw maps, read up on best planting and growing methods, and then start planting seeds inside under the grow lamp in my sunroom! I also deep clean the sunroom and art room, making extra space to create!

2—Helen from Moraga, CA

There's a couple of things I like to do to boost my mood in the winter:

1. Indulge in a nice, warm, luxurious bath with my favorite bodycare products.
2. Make sure to get active and moving regularly. A little bit of exercise always makes me feel invigorated and perks me up.
3. Enjoy a nice hot cup of tea.
4. Consciously enjoy my skincare and optionally, makeup routines. Looking good, especially with healthy skin really helps me feel good too. And if my skin is not cooperating due to winter, take it in stride too.
5. Enjoy the sun (with sunscreen of course!) regardless of the outside temperature.

3—Cheri from Orange, CA

I book a weekend at my timeshare in Big Bear with my 9 year old grandson, enjoying the beautiful scenery and peaceful environment. We really like the resort. In the winter, it is warm and cozy inside, no matter what the weather is like outside.

We enjoy the electric fireplace! We go to the “Flashlight Safari” at the Alpine Zoo in October. It is nice in the summer too, even though it can get warm. The staff is fun and helpful. We eat a couple of meals out (usually at Maggio's the first night), a couple of meals in, and may even get a yummy pizza from “No Name Pizza.”

We always hit the Big Bear Discovery Center, having fun exploring and possibly going on a hike. We can play games at the rec center, play tennis, and swim when the weather is nice. We also watch movies and play board games at the unit. My grandson actually beat me in Scrabble-twice (with my help, of course) We usually check out the deals at Kmart. It's the only place I can find the spearmint Hall's cough drops (-: We go into the Village and have some ice cream, and check out the shops. We've been doing this for several years now-it's kind of a tradition. My grandson still asks, “Nana, when are we going to Big Bear?!” It is something we look forward to very much!

4—Cynthia from Murphy, NC

I think my favorite way to beat the winter blues is making and eating (and sharing) delicious soups using lovely winter veggies—of course delicious tea helps beat the winter (or summer, spring, fall) blues too!

How do you beat the winter blues? Tell us in the comments below!

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