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Let’s get real  about our periods.

Most of us who have monthly menstrual cycles have likely grown up with some measure of shame and dread around our periods.

This is also typically paired with the expectation that periods are something we need to grin and bear, and certainly not talk about.

Moon + Leaf is here to change that.

Moon + Leaf came about when founder Shaina Kandel had an awakening after working in the corporate world for 10 years. When constant stress and burn-out would time and again cause her period to stop, she came to the realization that: 1—our periods are allies that have information for us and 2—there must be a better way to work that is in alignment with our bodies.

She has a vision for the world where we choose to love, honor, and listen to our bodies instead.

What if instead of fighting against our bodies, we befriended them?

According to Shaina, Moon + Leaf creates the opportunity for all women to embody this message with CBD products that:

  • Create a ritualistic pause to connect with our bodies.
  • Provide the opportunity to choose self-love.
  • Send a breath of relief into some of our most painful moments of every month – our periods. (The time when our bodies are speaking so loudly and, in our fast-paced culture, the time when we reach for the extra painkiller and cup of coffee.)

Meet Moon + Leaf

Moon + Leaf combines the power of CBD, herbal extracts, and good intentions into products that support your body during that miraculous thing it does each month – have a period. Their products are designed to turn your period into a ritual of self-love.

Their products are made with the highest quality, organic ingredients whenever possible

Their CBD comes from a whole plant hemp extract – so you get all of the pain-relieving, inflammatory  benefits of the hemp plant with no THC (meaning their products won’t get you high).

Our favorite products

Moon + Leaf carries two amazing products—their tincture and salve. Here’s what we love about each of them.

Go With The Flow Period Tincture

Stress and periods tend to go hand in hand, don’t they? Picture a wave of calm washing over you in the midst of it all, thanks to the Go with the Flow Tincture.

This tincture combines pain-relieving CBD with a blend of 10 herbal extracts that support cramp relief, calm your nervous system, and help your whole body thrive during your period.

This magical potion features Cramp Bark, an herbal remedy known to relax your uterine muscles, complemented by the likes of Wild Yam Root and Valerian Root to support your central nervous system and release muscles, blended with pain relieving qualities of CBD in MCT oil.

Take two full droppers a few times a day, as needed.

Cramp Salve-ation

The Cramp Salve-ation is a luxurious body rub to help soothe cramps and other achy muscles. It combines CBD with a blend of organic essential oils that support pain relief.

This magical salve features some of our very favorite nourishing organic oils, like jojoba and coconut. It’s topped off with pain relieving organic essential oils like St. John’s Wort and marjoram, and blended with CBD in MCT oil and soothing lavender. Salvation found.

Try it!

Moon + Leaf has been our saving grace around the office, and we just couldn’t keep it all to ourselves. Visit Moon + Leaf here to get yours today—your uterus will thank you.

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