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At 17, Yuri Elkaim was diagnosed with a full-blown autoimmune disorder.

He lost all his hair, felt totally exhausted all the time, and struggled with issues like breathing problems, digestive, and skin issues.

Instead of admitting defeat, Yuri decided to go full on health journey, he changed his diet by adding greens and superfoods to his daily life, but he didn’t stop there. There’s something about knowing and overcoming a struggle like everyday fatigue or pain that makes feeling “okay” not enough. Yuri wanted to feel unstoppable.

He spent years searching for the right mix of superfoods and then months perfecting the blend so that it would pass all the tests he needed it to: bioavailability, texturally satisfying, and tasty.

Energy Greens

Of course, focusing on maintaining a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables is ideal but unless you’re eating literal pounds of veggies every day there’s a pretty good chance that you’re not getting all of the nutrition you need to combat today’s inundation of easily accessible unhealthy options.

We have a whole host of supplements in our office, but Yuri’s Energy Greens are the ones we swear by when it comes to the power boost we need during that midday slump.

The Energy Greens are focused on filling in the gaps to flood your body with the nutrients that you might be missing in your everyday diet, and they definitely do—you can certainly tell a difference.

They are an awesome daily supplement to help you to stay on track with a boost of alkaline minerals and vitamins that can keep your body in balance over time so you can look and feel great.

We know, we know, this is the point where you’re wondering what makes these so special and different than any of the other greens on the shelf. Here are a few reasons:

5 Ways these greens are better than others

1—The Quality

We’re actually blown away by the quality of these ingredients. They’re not just ground up and thrown into the tub together.

The alfalfa, barley grass, and goji berry are harvested at their most nutritionally optimal level, then they’re cold press juiced and the bulk fiber is removed before it is dehydrated so that our bodies can pull the absolute most from each ingredient.

With protein, vitamins, minerals, and immune boosting properties, the combined powers of spirulina and cracked-cell chlorella are a food source that you can live on. Every batch is grown and tested with purity in mind.

The hand picked vanilla and single source farmed maca bring it in for the quality and integrity of the greens.

2—The Blend Itself

If you’re looking for a one stop energy shop, this is it. The greens have 8 organic ingredients—spirulina, cracked-cell chlorella, alfalfa juice powder, barley grass juice powder, goji berry juice powder, vanilla, cinnamon, and maca.

Spirulina is 60% protein and carries all the essential amino acids for functioning while chlorella is so high in nutrients that this one-celled plant can serve as a full food source.

Alfalfa juice is loaded with antioxidants and helps to counterbalance acidity in the body while barley grass boosts your vitamin C, replenishes iron stores, and offers healthy calcium to your body.

Heart healthy goji berries help increase immune functioning and maca starts working on those hormones. Vanilla has a potent anti-inflammatory action while cinnamon helps to balance blood sugar.

3—100% USDA Certified Organic, 100% Raw and Gluten Free

These Energy Greens are certified but Yuri goes above and beyond making sure that this product stays 100% pure and uncontaminated throughout the entire supply chain. The sources for these ingredients are exclusive, grown in remote places, and tested often.

And yes, we know that barley grass naturally has gluten, but Yuri’s team harvests it before that gluten protein shows up in the plant!

4—Produced in Small Batches

Each bottle has roughly a 2-year expiration, but Yuri’s Energy Greens are only produced in small quantities every 6 weeks to ensure that what you get is as fresh as possible. They are made so they don’t ever just sit on the shelves and lose potency.

5―They're Delicious

This is our favorite part, Energy Greens isn’t gritty like most greens drinks. It’s smooth and mixes into water beautifully so you don’t have to feel like you’re drinking chalk to get your phytonutrients.

It also tastes delicious, there’s no added flavors that make it sickly sweet and it’s not a purely green taste either. It’s right in that sweet spot of rich, full flavor with a touch of sweetness and a hint of earthy. Yum.

We Heart Energy Greens

We love adding these greens to our smoothies or turning our water into a verifiable energy source—try with a little bit of lemon if you have it.

Click here to check out more information about Energy Greens or make your purchase.

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