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Every Thursday we have a team meeting. Three years ago it was a time set aside where each team member could take a few minutes to talk about what was going on in their department… that was back when our whole team was 7 people.

Now our team is almost to 20 people and we've completely changed how we hold our team meetings.. well, everything except that it's on Thursday. (We tried to change it once, but that's a whole different topic we won't get into here.)

Every week, we ask one question—the question is different every week and everyone comes ready with their answer. These meetings give us some much needed face time with each other and give us the opportunity to bring fresh ideas to the table.

One week, the question was “what company do you want to see us We Heart?” and by the end of the meeting we had a list of incredible companies (and they're rolling out once a month to you).

This one was Chandra's. She's our in-house designer and let me tell you, she's got style. So of course, she shows up with a company that is totally eco-friendly, as practical as it gets, and so cute: Conscious Step.

Okay, so yes, it's a sock company.

Conscious Step

This company is everything we love in a company.

1—They're EcoFriendly.

They use all 100% organic cotton GOTS certified—that means they uphold the Global Organic Textile Standard—and they're completely vegan. They don't use herbicides, insecticides, pesticides, and are not genetically modified in the cotton they grow.

2—They're Sustainable and Fair Trade

Their cotton is grown and the sock manufacturing happens in India—where 80% of the world's organic cotton is grown. They went straight to experts and they support the small cotton farmers of the area. They don't sacrifice quality, or care of their employees—all of whom are fairly compensated including receiving overtime and freedom of association—to produce more. They are a fair trade company with the control of their entire supply chain.

3—They Give Back

So this is the best part, and really this is what puts them on our WeHeart list. For every pair of socks you buy, a donation goes to a cause. Not only that, but each pair of socks is designed around the cause that your donation goes to. (Leave it to our designer, right?)

At any given time you can choose up to ten causes—that's ten designs—to give to that range from planting trees to HIV to educating kiddos. They let you know the impact of each type of sock per cause and they openly share the foundations they partner with to give money to.

4—Their Style is On Point

This speaks for itself:

These socks plant trees

These socks treat HIV

You can even buy packs dedicated to several different causes!

Save on Conscious Step Socks

We obviously fell in heart with this company and we had to tell you about them… and we had to tell them about you!

They were so excited to partner with us that for a super limited time, they've offered our community 10% off with the coupon code: WEHEART10

Just check them out at ConsciousStep.com and when you're ready to check out—use the coupon code: WEHEART10

Have you tried these socks? Tell us about them in the comments below!

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  1. Violet Smith says

    No comment, but a question: do you know whether their fit is comparable to other socks on the market? I don’t see anything about sizing on their website, so I assume they are standard one-size-fits-all. I have started wearing diabetic socks, not because I’m a diabetic, but because they are bigger, specifically, the tops (ankle) are bigger. Regular socks for women assume you have really small ankles — they bind my ankles, that is if I can even get them on! At the end of the day, I’m aching to take them off. I’ve even bought men’s socks, trying to find something that is a little bit bigger, but often they are just longer and still have tight ankles. I’m all for supporting a good cause, but I don’t want to buy socks that don’t fit.

    • Michon Newman says

      Hi Violet! Please reach out to Conscious Step’s support team for more information on their sizing & how it compares to other socks on the market 🙂 Their email address is: [email protected]

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