Uva Ursi for Skin, the Naturally Lighten and Brighten Your Look

Uva Ursi

Are you frustrated with how your skin looks older?

Over time, we all suffer from the effects of aging that mess up the nice, even tone and color of the skin we enjoyed when we were young.

There is a natural alternative to help brighten your look. It's called uva ursi, also known as bearberry.

Uva ursi provides your skin a brighter look.

A Little More About This Ingredient

Uva ursi (scientifically called Arctostaphylos uva-ursi) is a small shrub with rooting branches and white, pink-flushed, bell-shaped flowers that create glossy, red fruits. The plant is also called “bearberry,” because bears like eating the sour fruits. In fact, the Latin name “uva ursi” actually means, “bear grape.”

The plant likes cooler climates, such as those in northern Europe, North America, and Asia. The leaves stay green all year, with flowers blooming in the summer and then turning into bunches of red and pink berries.

Internal Health Benefits of Uva Ursi

Uva ursi extract is pulled from the leaves of the plant, which have long been used to treat urinary tract disorders, including infections of the kidney, bladder, and urethra; increased urination; painful urination; and urine that contains excess uric acid or other acids. It’s also been used to treat constipation and bronchitis.

So popular was this plant for the treatment of urinary tract infections that it was the common treatment for the condition right up until the discovery of antibiotics.

Benefits to the Skin

In skin care, we like uva ursi because it can help brighten your look.

  • Protective antioxidants: Like most plant extracts, uva ursi comes complete with other nutrients, including antioxidants that provide natural protection against environmental stressors.
  • Cleansing: The extract has natural cleansing properties, which help minimize the appearance of pores, helping skin to appear smoother and more uniform while reducing puffiness.

Try It!

We included uva ursi in our citrus stem Cell serum, to help reduce the appearance of age spots. The result is smoother, more even looking skin. Try it and let us know what you think!

Have you tried our Citrus Stem Cell Serum? Please let us know how it worked for you.

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  1. Lisa Glines says

    I liked it but I didn’t realize how much it was working until I ran out and my spots started getting dark again. I use it every day now.

    • Annmarie Skin Care says

      Uva Ursi can be found in our products, but if you wanted to purchase just the herb you’ll want to check out a place like Mountain Rose Herbs!

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