Thanks! Because of You, We’ve Named Our New Body Lotion

At my baby shower with friend and ASC Beauty Alexis!

What a week we have had at Annmarie Gianni Skin Care…

This weekend was the Longevity Now Conference in Costa Mesa, CA.  This is one of our favorite events, but unfortunately I was not able to attend for the whole weekend.  I had already planned — way in advance, before we booked the event — to head back to New Jersey for a shower that my sisters and mother had planned for me.

I did manage to be there for the first night to help set up.  On Thursday morning we packed up the ASC van, headed down to LA from Berkeley, and had fun setting up the booth.  I was lucky enough to get a chance to chat with some of you then.  On Friday, the team stayed, but I flew out early to NY.

The show was a great success and I hear that those of you who were there were really happy to try the new Body Lotion.  The feedback was great and we’re excited to get it out to you in the next month.

What’s also great to hear is that many of the attendees who bought samples came back the next day — after trying them — to buy full sized products!  It makes my heart sing to know that these products are making you feel and look amazing right away.

I apologize if you were there and wanted to see me!  Next year, be sure to come and check out our booth!

We are happy to announce we’ve picked a name for our new Body Lotion… Thanks to you!

We received over a hundred name choices, so it was really hard to choose from all of them.  They were all beautiful and creative.  We appreciate your contribution so much!

The name we chose is:

“Radiant Skin Silk”

What we love about this name is that it combines the texture and the result that you’ll get when you use it.

We’ve worked hard to make sure the texture of the lotion is silky and smooth.  And we’ve worked super-hard to make sure that it leaves your skin radiant.  So the name fits like a slipper.

Diane was the lucky winner who contributed this name for our little naming contest so, Diane, you can expect an email from Lisa Miller to claim your prize!

The Lotion should be on our “shelves” — by that I mean online — in no more than 4 weeks.

A New Size for My Coconut Body Oil

We now have a new 200 ml sized Coconut Body Oil!  We’ve done this for you since many of you have asked for a larger size.  The 100 ml is great, but for those of you who are totally in love with this product like I am, I know how quickly you go through it.

What’s even better is that you’ll save $5.00 off the price of two 100 ml bottles when you buy this larger sized bottle.

Click here to check it out and buy a bottle today!

I told you there was a lot going on!

Oh, one last personal thing… my husband and I hit the jackpot back east.  No, not the lottery!

I spent part of the day yesterday in my parents attic and came out with 10 bins of baby clothes (from my nieces and nephews) from 0-24 months!  Looks like we will not have to buy baby clothes for a year.  I never liked hand-me-downs when I was younger, but now I think they are as valuable gold! 🙂

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Remember don’t forget about our giveaway…

Just a reminder of our great giveaway… a year’s supply of Annmarie Gianni Skin Care products to a lucky winner!

We’ll also be giving away 5 full sized products to 5 lucky runner-ups.  This way it's more fun and more than one person can win!

Here are the prizes in case you’ve missed them…

The Runner Up Prize — to be awarded to 5 people — is 1 Free Annmarie Gianni Skin Care product of your choice. (Up to $49.95 value, excluding full sized kits.)

The Grand Prize — to be awarded to one lucky winner — is free Annmarie Gianni Skin Care products for 1 YEAR (worth over $575.00), products to be determined depending on your skin type.

All you need to do to enter is follow the link below, like us on Facebook, and fill out the form.  Don’t worry if you have already liked us, filling out the form will still enter you for a chance to win.

This sweepstakes ends on May 30th @ 5pm PST so be sure to sign up now and tell your friends about it too!

Here’s where you can sign up now:

Click here to Enter the Annmarie Gianni Skin Care Sweepstakes

Much Love,
Annmarie Gianni

Teaching people about beauty from the inside out 🙂

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