Springtime at a Biodynamic Farm


We welcomed this company into the states last year with a We Heart and we’ve been obsessed with their healing products since (especially their herb-infused honeys).

With the Earth moving into a new phase of her yearly cycle and sustainability always on our minds we thought it would be an interesting treat to share a bit about what goes on, on a biodynamic farm when the sun starts to peak out from his winter hiding place.

Our friend, Dr. Dieter le Noir, founder of Sanandi and cultivator of Rancho La Paz sent us a note about the springtime in the Biodynamic Valley, where they’re getting ready for the growing season.

The Beauty of Springtime

The transition from winter to spring is announced in Rancho la Paz.

New shoots of vibrant green coming from the tejocotes (Crataegus mexicana) that remained asleep throughout the winter push their way to life, bringing a softness to the stark of barren winter trees. The last soft frosts dissipate and the light birdsong of spring announces, with its wistful tune, the joy that comes with the start of a new reproductive cycle.

The Earth, after the season of inward concentration, seems now overturned—thrusting outward. The ether of new heat from the sun causes this great exhalation. Everything springs to life, everything is born anew and grows wildly from the nutritious humus—a retaliation for the death of the last season.

When the sun approaches the zenith, a feast of light begins. Each ray is reflected in the different textures of the flowers—and with it comes a sea of ​​colors and tonalities. The unshakeable perfection of nature, now full, gives us the brief moment of its climax in this season.

Spring at a Biodynamic Farm

In the winter we took some of our medicinal plants into the herborium to improve their life cycle with a green fertilizer—it is time to bring them into the garden to grow comfortably alongside established plant allies.

In order for the plants to have all the necessary nutrients, we apply rock sand and biodynamic compost at the moment of the transplant. Lastly, a gentle spray of homeopathic silica is applied to strengthen the cell membranes of the seedlings and help them to establish a closer relationship with the light of this season.

Because the principles of biodynamics include the all the life on the farm, we’re excited to tell you that the bees waited patiently for this moment and now, in an outburst of joy, they strengthen their hive and then divide their perfect organism into two. One to build and the other collect nectar—as they grow, they fertilize larger and larger areas, spiraling outward from their center to the prosperity of the valley’s diversity.

Before the summer arrives with its rains we harvest and transform many of our plants to different dyes, ferments and essential oils that will serve as the basis of different herbal and homeopathic medicines.

What are you curious about when it comes to biodynamic farming? Let us know in the comments below!

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