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If you're familiar with We Heart, you know that we seriously delight in finding products that are healthy, sustainable, and made with love.

And as a company, we're pretty into gifts. Not a birthday goes by without a proper celebration. (Most recently it was Kevin, who dropped many hints to us about the slippers he wanted.)

We know that finding the right gift for your loved ones can be tough, and even more so when you want to make sure you're choosing things that are natural and healthy. So we want to share with you some of our absolute favorite products to give as gifts. Each has been vetted to make sure the ingredients are natural and the company is mission driven in some way.

Our picks are a reflection of the whole team and include a couple of things we've featured on We Heart in the past.

We hope that you feel just as inspired by the things on our list as we do and maybe even find the perfect gift for someone. Below the guide you'll find links to all the products and some background info on why we chose them.

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Here's some background info on the gifts we chose:

Campfire Incense by Juniper Ridge

Juniper Ridge manages to take the ruggedness of camping and combine it with the beauty of nature in the most exquisite way. They actually go out and gather the plants they use to make their teas, soaps, colognes, and incense.

We especially love their campfire incenses, which are made with wild-crafted herbs, in scents like Douglas Fir and Death Valley. It's important to choose incenses that are 100% natural — not all of them are.

This incense makes a great gift because it's natural, unique, and beautifully packaged. This is a good gift for that coworker whose name you picked for Secret Santa, who likes the outdoors as well as the finer things, and already owns everything REI sells.

Click Here to Check Out Incense from Juniper Ridge

Yoga Mats from JadeYoga

In 2000, JadeYoga set out to solve two problems with yoga mats: they are often made with cheap, immitation plastic and are they are slippery. If you are an avid yogi, no doubt you've come across one of these yoga mats.

To solve these problems, JadeYoga makes their mats from natural rubber, which is a renewable resource that provides a more gripping surface. So it's better for the planet and better for you when you're trying to perfect your dancer pose.

Here's the best part: $5 from the sale of each teal colored mat goes to ovarian cancer charities. A substantial portion of this donation goes to an interdisciplinary group of scientists who are training working dogs to identify the scent associated with ovarian cancer present in blood samples.

The hope is that, using the odor profiles associated with ovarian cancer, they'll be able to develop a diagnostic screening test that will enable earlier detection and significantly decrease ovarian cancer deaths.

So purchasing this mat for a loved one is an amazing way to support them in their yoga practice while supporting cancer research.

Here's where you can get these yoga mats.

Make sure to choose the teal colored mat!

Hemp Notebooks by ByronBound

We love supporting small businesses, and a good place to find them is on Etsy.

One that's particularly cool is Byron Bound, notebooks made by a fellow in Australia who prides himself on using 100% sustainable materials sourced in his area. He is a master bookbinder, taking great care and pride in creating notebooks that you will love writing in. There's a variety of unique designs to choose, from this simple white one to this one with an adorable pelican on it.

This is a great gift for the avid journaler, creative writer, recipe jotter, or list maker in your life.

Handmade Jewelry by Tess Young

Simple, well-made, and celestially inspired, Tess Young's jewelry is just beautiful. Tess was studying illusration and painting when, one day, she picked up a torch and hammer and realized that what she loved was making jewelry.

That was back in 2009, and since then she has been refining her techniques and developing her style. She now has a little studio in Berkeley where she makes her pieces.

Some favorites: These Valerie Hoops, made with copper and hammered silver are so lovely and understated. And the Luna Ring, which looks great alongside your other rings or shining all on its own.

I think of Tess' jewelry as the perfect gift to give to a long time friend. These pieces are made to last — both in that they are made with high quality materials and in that the designs are timeless.

Click Here to See Tess Young's Shop

Herbal Tonics by Urban Moonshine

Every year for Black Friday, we get gift baskets to help us get through our busiest time of year with smiles on our faces. This year, we each got an herbal tonic from Urban Moonshine and in the words of Niquita, ‘These tonics are the truth.”

Based in Vermont, what Urban Moonshine does is make high quality herbal supplements that are easy to incorporate into your life. Ingredient sourcing is a big part of their mission, and supporting local farmers is one of their top priorities.

Their Joy Tonic has motherwort, oinden, rose petal, lemon balm, lemongrass, and mugwort, which help to ease your mind and restore a positive mental attitude. Pair it with our Vibrance Essential Oil Parfum Blend and you'll be singing one happy tune.

Or, pair our Love blend with their Love Tonic, which has sensual herbs damiana, rose, and hawthorn berry mixed with honey and cacao. I don't know about you, but I would be pretty excited if someone gifted me either of these combos.

Don't let us convince you, though, check out their whole line. It's fantastic.

Click Here for More Urban Moonshine Things

Genius Juice from WishGarden Herbs

This one's for your friend who has a long list of New Year's Resolutions brewing or wants to start their own business. Help them reach their goals by giving them a little herbal support.

WishGarden herbs makes high quality herbal tinctures that each have a particular function. The lineup in Genius Juice is stellar: gotu kola, ginkgo leaf, cinnamon, eleuthero, dandlion, and prickly ash. All herbs that support your brain and help you perform at 100%.

Click Here to Get Genius Juice

Organic Reishi by Host Defense

If you don't know about the work of Paul Stamets, put your holiday shopping on hold and go do that. An award-winning mycologist, Paul Stamets wants to heal the world with mushrooms.

You may have heard us raving about reishi in the past, because it's a mushroom worth raving about. In the words of our herbalist, Aubrey, ‘Reishi is kind of a big deal.' And more specifically, ‘It was seen as such an important herb in ancient times that it can be found in art depicting Emperors and on temple walls in the hands of the gods and goddesses of old.'

Why is it so special? It is an incredible immune supporter that enhances the body's ability to deal with stress.

We've also talked in the past about why it's so important to get high quality herbal supplements, and we like recommending the ones that are legit. Like the Reishi that Paul Stamets' company, Host Defense makes. Get this for someone who is jazzed about mushrooms and health and I promise they will appreciate it.

Get This Product Here

Forest Floor Body Butter by LilFox Botanicals

It's hard not to be hyperbolic when you're talking about a list of things you love.

But seriously, this is the best smelling body butter of all time. And the texture is incredibly decadent, whipped to perfection. I actually sent Alexis, Madame Fox herself, an email asking her how the heck she got that texture, because in our office, we're no strangers to DIY body butters and they do not always come out like that.

We featured LilFox on We Heart back in February, and have recommended several of Alexis' products since then. They are fantastic, made with love and 100% natural ingredients.

I know it's weird for a skin care company to recommend another skin care company, but we love LilFox and don't want you to miss out. Her body butter is one of her most high end products in the line, so get this for someone you want to spoil (which very well could be yourself).

Click Here to Get This Body Butter

Chocolate by Fine & Raw

If you're in Brooklyn, Fine & Raw is your local chocolatier. This suggestion came from Rachel, who takes all of her food choices very seriously, including dessert.

The name says it: the ingredients they use are super high quality and the chocolate is raw. Their mission is to save the world through chocolate and silliness and that is a cause we can get behind 100%.

They can tell you their story better than we can, click here to watch a video where they talk about their neighborhood and why they keep their chocolate raw.

Chocolate is the go-to gift for someone you don't know that well, so if you do go that route, why not get them chocolate that has a story and it made with good ingredients?

And since I haven't mentioned this yet, this chocolate is extremely delicious.

Click Here to Get Fine & Raw Chocolate

Cocoa Butter Lip Balm by Badger

Chapped lip season is upon us. And I think we can all agree that having chapped lips is one of life's most annoying discomforts.

But as much as you don't want chapped lips, you also don't want to be using chapsticks made with synthetic fragrance and preservatives. I don't have an exact statistic on how much of your chapstick ends up in your mouth each time you apply, but it's more than zero.

We love Bager's Creamy Cocoa Butter Lip Balm, made with olive oil, beeswax, aloe, and other skin-nourishing ingredients. None of the bad  stuff.

If you are the one responsible for stuffing the stockings, this is a great gift to include. It's one of those gifts you get that's not exciting at the time, but that you really appreciate later when you feel the soothing sensation of cocoa butter.

Click Here to Get This Lip Balm

Coffee and Tea Bites from il Morso

This is another one we featured on We Heart. Rachel, Abby, and I actually visited their facility to see what was up, and had a great time meeting them and tasting their product.

In short, what il Morso does is take coffee beans and put them through the same process used to make chocolate. What you get is a chocolatey experience that is caffeinited and tastes like coffee. (They do have one tea bite, which is a delicious Matcha Green Tea Morso.)

This is a great gift for coffee lovers and on-the-go folks who might not have time for a cup of coffee everytime they find themselves in need of one. It's a really unique product as well, which I think makes for an excellent gift.

Click Here to Get il Morso

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If you have more gift ideas, we'd love to know. Tell us in the comments below!

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