One Last Holiday Special for You Last Minute Shoppers!

peace and calm during the holidays

Exude your inner Zen from now until the holidays are over, it will save you stress and allow you to appreciate all you have.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

All of us at ASC wish you a safe and healthy holiday!

Kev and I (and now Mark – Kev's brother) are heading home to New Jersey and Connecticut for two weeks with family. I'll be sure to be bringing some of my honey mask, body oil and body wash since I'm sure the cold, dry air and the heat inside will probably dry out my skin just a bit. There's nothing better than putting on a mask and sitting by the fireplace – curled up with a great book.

I can't wait!

There are a couple of things I wanted to share with you – first is a thank you and second is one last minute holiday deal that I wanted to bring back for you last minute shoppers. Tisk-tisk!

Let's start with the thanks… 🙂

I wanted to personally thank everyone for their patience with us over that last month. As most of you know by now, we have had a lot going on over here at ASC, but moving to a new warehouse was one of the big ones. Now this move is complete and we're completely up to speed.

I can't tell you how many hours we all spent here making sure orders went out as soon as they could. Some of them even shipped from two different locations (I packed a bunch!) just so we could feel good about getting you what you purchased in a timely fashion.

I was told time and time again that the holiday season is not the right time to make such sudden moves and changes. But at the same time, it's always the right time to do something that feels right (your ducks will never all get in a row, I can promise you that!)

I was not happy with our old system and felt that we were not fulfilling our highest and best service and I knew if I did not adjust some things now it would be harder and harder in the future.

Like I said before, the great news is that now we're all settled into the new place and all caught up on everyone's orders! We have been working our hearts out to not let our customers be affected by our move. I think we've done a decent job (not prefect, of course, nothing is!) and I hope you feel the same way.


Thank you so much for being a wonderful customer and for your patience throughout our transition… and of course, please pass it on and thank someone who you care about to spread the love this holiday season.

Much Love,
Annmarie Gianni

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