How to Determine Your Skin Type – Do You Have Dry, Oily or Combination Skin?


I've been working hard to bring you more great skin care products and it's been pretty challenging.

First off, it's just plain difficult to find and create good, natural products that work.

I know all the bottles and boxes at the store say “natural, “”organic,” and “pure”.

But 99% of the time, this isn't true.

Skin care companies use mainly two loopholes to get around this.

First, they use small amounts of chemicals that aren't required to be put on the label.

This is just pure deception. But there's little regulation in the industry and it's sexy to say organic and natural.

Second, if they don't use preservatives, they use an excessive amount of alcohol that is extremely drying for your skin.

So by getting “no preservatives” you also can damage your skin.

There is a third thing that's done as well, but it's not a loophole… It's plain old defiance.

The companies put whatever they want on the label whether it is natural or not. Generally they get away with this by saying that the unnatural ingredient “comes” from a natural source.

The same can be said for petroleum you know… and you definitely don't want to put that on your skin.

So with that said, we've been working on some great new products that I wanted to tell you about…

The two that I am proud to announce are my two new herbal facial oils.

The first is my Herbal Oil for Normal and Combination Skin and the other is my Herbal Oil for Oily Skin.

Many of you asked about specialized oils for your face when we first launched the Anti-Aging oil.

Now you can have the opportunity to customize your skin care (particularly your facial care) with these new oils.

The both smell amazing and will help give you face a smooth, even tone and sheen.

We've given them out as samples to many people and they absolutely love them…

Obviously, if you have oily skin you can use the blend for oily skin, and if you have normal or combination skin, the normal blend will work fine for you.

A good way to see what kind of skin you have is to do this simple test.

1. Wash your face at night before you go to bed.

2. Dry it well.

3. When you wake up in the morning, take a tissue, lay it flat on your face and pat it against your skin.

If the tissue has no oily spots, you have dry skin. So you'd benefit from using the Normal and Combination Skin Oil or my Anti-Aging Oil and Anti Aging Serum.

If the tissue has oily spots in your t-zone which is your nose, forehead and chin, you have combination skin, so you'd benefit from using the Normal and Combination Skin Oil or Oily Oil. Some have benefited from using too different products for different parts of their face.

If the tissue is oily everywhere, then you have oily skin and the best oil for you would be the Herbal Oil for Oily Skin.

We've also been working on getting developing a shampoo and conditioner as well as a sunscreen.

These are super-difficult to produce naturally and actually have them work. I can't tell you how many samples and formulas I've tried for shampoo, conditioner and sun lotion.

My hair is almost as frizzy as Kevin's. LOL!

I haven't been able to create ones that I like just yet, but when I do, you'll certainly know about it!


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  1. Kathy says

    Other ailments such as for example herpetic whitlow , cerebral herpes infections encephalitis ,
    Mollaret’s meningitis , and perhaps Bell’s palsy are all due to herpes simplex infections.
    Genital herpes, however, is frequently asymptomatic

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