Natural Ways to Soothe Sunburn

Natural Sunburn Remedies

The end of summer is almost upon us!

Hard to believe –  it's gone by so fast! I hope all of you have a fabulous Labor Day and gets to do something fun with the special people in your lives. I thought these natural ways to soothe sunburn might be helpful for those who will be having some fun in the sun this Labor Day weekend. 😉

When most people get a sunburn, the first thing they do is reach for a bottle of aloe.

Aloe vera is super effective in the soothing of sunburn. Simply apply a thin layer to the affected area and repeat the application every hour. Where do you get your aloe? I love to use it straight from the plant, but sometimes we don't always have that option. If you don't, find a gel in a dark bottle to protect it from light. If you go that route make sure the aloe content is greater than the other ingredients – such as water – in order to gain the maximum benefit.

Teas can also offer a respite from the discomfort of sunburn. Non-herbal black tea is one of the most effective teas you can use. Steep six bags in four cups of hot water, cool, and apply to the sunburned area with a cotton cloth. In fact, tea bags are also great at alleviating puffiness around the eyes. Place a cooled tea bag on each closed eyelid, lie down, and relax.

Bathing in cool water is very helpful to reduce the heat and discomfort. Try a herbal bath using either dried chamomile or lavender essential oils.

An oatmeal bath will not only temporarily relieve the itchiness accompanying dried sunburned skin, but soothe the burn as well. You can buy colloidal oatmeal (an extremely fine powder that easily dissolves in bathwater), hydrolyzed oatmeal (a good ingredient to add to your own sunburn relief cream), or grind your own oats for your bath.

Tip: Putting oatmeal in cheesecloth or another fine cloth will help keep the drain from getting clogged.

Another way to soothe sunburn is to apply cold compresses by using cool tap water or cold whole milk on a cotton towel and applying it to the affected areas. Last, but not least, my Coconut Body Oil is something you can use.

And remember – a lot of sunburn pain is tied to the discomfort we feel, so if you have a sunburn be sure to take some time for yourself! Lay down somewhere quiet for an hour if you can and rest. Let your body heal itself.

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