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From time to time I love to update my favorite organic beauty products. A few months ago I got the best gift ever! Annmarie Gianni sent me a slew of her healthy potions and lotions from her new skin care line. Ya know why I say it was “the best gift ever”?

One: Because her products blew my mind (not easy to do). Annmarie literally harnesses the power of Mother Nature in a bottle. Vazoom!

Two: Because her gift was unconditional. She didn’t ask me to do anything but “enjoy.” Annmarie and her husband, the fabulous Kevin Gianni, noticed how hard I was working promoting Crazy Sexy Diet. They were so proud of all I was doing to uplift the lives of others that they wanted me to enjoy a bit of pampering, no strings attached. Um, really? I was so touched!

Note: Lots of folks send me products for review. When I launched my periodic Love Lists, my mailbox exploded. As you all know, I only write about things I adore and use myself. Translation: You can’t buy move LOVE. When I tried Annmarie’s gems I immediately thought, holy shitake! I have to spread the word because this shit totally rocks! As a matter of fact, I love these products so much that I joined her affiliate program.

Sisters, if you’re looking for something new, give this chemical-free skin care line a whirl here. They’re an all-natural, organic blend between shaman magic, Medicine Woman wisdom and a potent herbalist cocktail, (Hey Bartender! I’ll definitely have another). As Annmarie says, “the line brings the ancient healing energies and awareness directly to you so that you may radiate your own natural beauty.”

Here are my favorites. I’ve been using them daily for about a month and my skin is less dry and more glowy. Also, my makeup doesn’t cake or get caught in my near-40 creases as much as it did when I was using other cleansers and moisturizers.

I love the Aloe-Herb Cleanser. It leaves my skin fresh, clean and hydrated. Plus it smells like heaven in the springtime.

I love the Neroli Toning Mist, which I apply after cleansing and before moisturizer. It smells like angels blowing air kisses.

I love the Herbal Facial Oil. After washing and misting my face, I apply 1-2 pumps of this oil. At first I thought it would make me breakout or look like a grease slick. Oh no, Mon Ami. My skin drinks it in like a nourishing oasis filled with antioxidant bliss.

I love the Anti-Aging Eye Cream. Who knows if it will keep the facial crows in check? I like to think it just might. It’s cooling, calming and totally rejuvenating. Filled with cucumbers, green tea, echinacea and something else I can’t pronounce.

I love the purifying mud mask. It tightens and tones the look of my skin. It also makes me look like a warrior princess and it’s a terrific way to frighten the UPS guy.

I love love love the coconut body oil. My legs and the back of my arms love it too. So do my cracky elbows and heels.

I’ve also tried Ayurvedic facial scrub. It’s a like, not a love. I smelled like Indian food and got more up my nose than on my face. I probably need to give it another shot.

Annmarie has lots of other groovy products to play with. Browse away, love lady.

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