Introducing “We Heart”

We Heart

What motivates you to choose one product over another? An attractive label? Organic ingredients? Taste? Smell? Price?

There are countless factors that can determine whether something goes from the shelf to your cart.

The Annmarie Gianni Skin Care team is passionate about conscious consumerism. We make it a goal to choose our purchases wisely, and we delight in products made with love, talent, and good ingredients.

“We Heart” is our newest blog section, a column dedicated to exploring companies and organizations who exhibit passion, integrity, and talent at what they do. Our goal is to use our voice to share about organizations and companies worth supporting. There might even be some discounts and freebies along the way!

How It Works

We look into a company or organization that is doing or making something that we love. Next, we connect with those involved to find out more about what the company is doing to make the world a better place. Do their employees receive benefits and incentives? Do formulators choose organic ingredients? Are the products made in small batches? Does their organization improve people’s health and well-being?

Once we feel we can confidently recommend them, they can be featured on our monthly “We Heart” post – right here on the blog!

What Do We Heart?

The Annmarie Gianni Skin Care team is a mixed batch. Our eating habits range from GMO-avoider to organic omnivore to Italian food loyalist. Our exercise routines are anything from morning yoga to vigorous Soul Cycle classes to a rock climbing regimen. You might hear one of us blasting Iggy Azalea while another relaxes to reggae sounds.

So we got together to talk about our priorities in how we want to vet companies for our endorsement. Here are things we look for:

  • Natural: Products that are free of chemicals and GMOs. Further, we like pure, unprocessed, high-quality ingredients.
  • Fair: Companies that treat their employees and those they do business with well, providing benefits and incentives for their staff and paying fair prices for raw materials and crops. Of course, critters count, too! We don’t support animal testing or cruelty.
  • Craft: Products made artisanally and/or in small batches. We appreciate thought, attention, and craft.
  • Positive: Organizations that are working to improve people’s lives, as well as companies that offer goods and services that help keep people’s minds and bodies healthy.
  • Conscious: Companies that take their environmental impact seriously, and make an effort to keep their carbon footprint low. Things we might look for include how much packaging a product uses, how far the materials travel (equating to use of fossil fuels), or if the company’s office space uses energy-efficient practices.

Do These People Really Exist?

We know that no company is perfect; even we don’t pretend to be! But there is something to be said for making an honest effort to be an industry leader. We Heart will highlight those working on overall positive projects.


We like voting with our dollar.

We want to support organizations that bring about positive change.

We like sharing our passions.

And we know that many of you are looking to discover exciting, sustainable (I know, these adjectives are getting out of control), healthy things people are doing.

What to Expect

We Heart is a monthly blog post talking about one of these cool companies or organizations. It will sometimes include a special, such as a free sample or coupon to encourage you to get to know our new friends. Subscribe to stay informed!

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  1. Helen Jackson says

    I am so thankful for your site without which I may not have learned about Lilfoxbotanicals. I am allergic to beeswax and have been on an almost impossible search for something that I can use on my lips without it. I see they have 2 lip balms that are possibilities. I am anxious to try them.
    Love your products and you tips.
    Keep up the good work.

    • admin says

      Hi Helen! Thanks for your comment! If you order from Lilfox, make sure you use the coupon code Annmariegianniisfoxy so you can get 10% off!! This is valid through May 12. 🙂

  2. Ellie Cohan says

    This is a wonderful idea; I am all about supporting businesses just like you describe. And I want to spread the word as well. Thanks so much!

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