Inner Beauty and the Q’ero People Part Two

We Should all be Grateful for the Beauty and the Energy of the Sun.

Can Your Thoughts and Actions Affect Your Beauty?

A few weeks ago I spoke about three Andean Principles of inner beauty: Munay (meaning love or beauty), Yachay (meaning wisdom) and Llan’kay (meaning action). Miss the first segment? Click here to catch up!

To me, these principles really help me understand and teach people about beauty, both inside and out. I hope you can learn from them as well. There are two more principles I would like to share with you this week: Kawsay and Ayni.

Inner Beauty Principle Number Four: Kawsay

Kawsay means life, and it is the fourth Q’ero principle.  Obviously, I am not going to define the meaning of life here. What Kawsay truly means to the Q'ero people is the energy that is permeated throughout creation on various vibrational levels.  If any of you have read the Ringing Cedars books or have seen Avatar, this principle is described very well.  All things are connected and webbed together to form one.  We would not be able to survive with out the plants, sun, and other animals.  Let us be grateful and treat all in harmony.

Inner Beauty Principle Number Five: Ayni

Ayni means reciprocity. It reflects the necessity of caring for all people and all of nature in return for the blessing and care we receive each day.  Whatever we do for Mother Earth she repays with her care for us, with things like food, shelter, materials for clothing and more. Ayni is the same with people and all animals, and even things we may come in to contact with.  We need to care for them all if they are going to be there for us.

I learned these principles after I started to create my line of skin care products and it has been brought to my attention that they fit in perfectly with the Andean way of life.  They are created out of love, to help people find their beauty both inside and out.  They are created from the wisdom of Mother Earth and our ancient ancestors.  The products are toxin free and safe for the environment treating ourselves and Mother Earth with respect!

How beautiful is that? If we were all to live by the five Q'ero principles of inner beauty (Munay, Yachay, Llan’kay, Kawsay, and Ayni) what a beautiful world it would be; we would find we have heaven on earth.

Much Love,
Annmarie Gianni
“Teaching People About Beauty From the Inside Out”

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