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illuminating pearl mask

The Illuminating Pearl Mask is our newest creation, and one of our favorites yet. A self care staple, this mask bring the spa into your home, and leaves you feeling like the dewey goddess you are.

What makes this mask so special?

The Illuminating Pearl Mask is like a journey back in time and around the world, rich with nurturing ingredients like Colorado mountain wildflower honey and pearl powder, first used by the first (and only) Chinese Empress Wu Zetian during her brief reign between 684 – 705 AD.

A calming ingredient for all three Ayurvedic doshas (constitutions) four thousands of years, the turmeric in this mask leaves sensitive skin feeling soothed and relaxed. This treatment certainly elevates the masking experience, even beyond those in our signature line.

illuminating pearl mask

We asked for your honest opinion…

As with all of our new products, we sent out free samples of this one with every order for a few days. The response was, honestly, astounding. Our community enthusiastically replied, and even loved the samples enough to leave glowing reviews—about their equally glowing skin.

These are just a few of our favorite reviews.

Hydrated & Glowy

This is my new favorite mask!  From the divine smell, to the pearlescent glow of my skin afterward, I love everything about this mask.  I’ve used it 3 times already and I can’t stop touching my face! It leaves my skin smooth, hydrated, and glowy.  I got a compliment on my skin the day after I used it on how great my skin looked. Definitely adding this to my favorites.

Rebecca LeVander

An Aromatherapy Session (for your face)

I LOVE this product! As you open the container, your spa experience begins…the aroma alone will instantly take you to your happy place. With a fresh, crisp but sweet smell, I was pleasantly surprised and ready to apply. Just the thought of applying pearly powder to my face, which helps promote younger skin was exciting, but the smooth consistency of the mask made it super easy to apply and felt just like my moisturizer.

I have sensitive skin, so knowing that the ingredients were all natural put me at ease that I was nourishing my face with a quality product. After removing the mask, my skin felt wonderful, fresh, smooth and I was glowing! I LOVE Annmarie Gianni and her wonderful skincare line and would definitely recommend as a quality (aromatherapy) face mask!

Emily Davis
Affiliate Manager,
The Tapping Solution

The Spa Experience

From the moment you open the jar and smell the mask it sets you off on nothing short of a spa experience.

The Illuminating Pearl Mask left my skin glowing, feeling fresh and hydrated, so smooth and as soft as my baby son's bum. My skin is now fallin' in love with yet another incredible ASC product.

Michelle Polizzi
Co-Founder of The Sacred Science

A winter must-have

As we transition from fall to winter, my husband and I have resumed our nightly ritual of moisturizing, moisturizing, moisturizing. It’s a constant battle against cracked knuckles and parched cheeks. Dry, winter skin ages me faster than sleepless nights so I try really hard to stay on top of that. I really don’t need any speeding up of my aging process, thank you!

Annmarie Skin Care, one of my perennial favourite companies, has just released a new mask just in time for the winter blues. The Illuminating Pearl Mask is exactly what I need! It brightens and hydrates my skin.

For best results, they recommend applying the mask after a bath or shower, when your pores are open. Apply generously!

It has a goopy texture and I worried unnecessarily it might slide off my face. I should have known better than to worry. I have used fresh aloe and aloe-based products before. Instead it set rather quickly although it didn’t fully dry. As this isn’t a clay or mud based mask I didn’t feel discomfort as it dried. No itchiness, and no hardening, hooray! It was instead quite comfortable. Before I knew it my fifteen-ish minutes were up and it was time to rinse off.

This is how hydrated my skin is without even adding a moisturizer!

I love how gentle it is on my skin, and how happy my skin is after using the mask. My face feels amazing all day long when I use this product! As we enter the long winter ahead I feel a lot more prepared with this is my kit. Definitely a winter must-have!

Cherry Blossoms, The Blog

The Perfect Compliment to Your Bath

I was fortunate enough to receive a sample of the Illuminating Pearl Mask yesterday. I don't often write product reviews but this product is worth the effort!

I followed the directions for the “spa experience”: I first used a warm cloth to clean my face and open my pores. Then I smoothed the mask on–it felt so light, smooth, decadent, and wonderful on my skin. Honestly, I just wanted to keep applying it because it felt so nice. The aroma is just what you'd expect from an Annmarie product, not too heavy but wonderfully fragrant. I left the mask on as I relaxed in a hot bath and rinsed it off after about 15 minutes.

My face felt so smooth and nourished–I loved it! In my part of the world (Indiana) fall, cold temps, and dry air are arriving so I've noticed my face has been more dry in the past week or so. This product arrived at the perfect time–I can't wait to use it again. Thank you, Annmarie, for another wonderful product!

Laura Z.

Try it!

Convinced? Ready to take your self care to the next level? Get your Illuminating Pearl Mask here.

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