Help Us Name Our New Product

One of the key ingredients of my new product… it will be ready in May!

In this newsletter, I wanted to share a few things that I think you’ll really enjoy…

These include how you can help me name our next product, how you can get some free products, and how you can give your mom the gift of youth this Mother’s Day!

As you know, Mother’s Day is around the corner…

So we put together some awesome Mother’s Day gift boxes.

These sets contain our-best-selling Aloe Herb Cleanser, oh-so-yummy Neroli Toning Mist, all-time-favorite Anti-Aging Facial Oil, our Anti-Aging Eye Cream, and our Coconut Honey Mask!

These all come in a beautiful reusable gift box (while supplies last) and come with a Signature Hemp Travel Bag.

The thing is, there were so popular that we’ve sold out of gift boxes, but are still including the travel sized hemp bag.  What’s even more valuable to you is that you’ll save 20% on the products in the kit.  So hemp bag, gift box, or whatever, it’s still an amazing deal — in fact, you may even want to treat yourself!

If you want to get a kit and have it shipped in time for Mother’s Day, here’s a link where you can read more about it:

Click Here to Read More About This Special Mother’s Day Kit

New Product Coming Soon — Help Us Name It!

So many of you have been asking for this particular product for so long now…

But, all the products we release have to go through extensive testing and fact finding on our end.  It’s just the way we do things around here.  It’s our code.

  • Our products definitely need to do the job.
  • They need to be highly nutritious for your skin.
  • They need to be unrefined and pure, no rancid oils!
  • They need to be completely chemical free.
  • And they must smell amazing.

So the good news is that we finally cracked the code on a luxurious, silky and luscious body lotion!

Making a lotion that compromised our standards would have been easy.  We could have released that 2 years ago.

Making one that didn’t was much harder.

The biggest challenge we face with a lotion is shelf life.  The industry believes that if you don’t add a nasty preservative or alcohol to it, it won’t last long.

Well, they’re partially right.  If they don’t push the bubble, then they won’t come up with any new answers.

We’ve been diligent and persistant have have been able to formulate a high quality, tested lotion that is 100% natural and has really good shelf life!

This is good news in the natural space.  Most lotions — even if they're labeled “natural” or “organic” have a shelf life of decades because they’re so hopped up with chemicals.

The truth is most natural lotions don’t last even a few months… so just know this the next time you go out and buy a natural lotion that seems chemical free and lasts 3-4 years on the shelf.

It’s not clean.  It can't be.  There’s something either on the label or NOT on the label preserving it.

So to be able to create this body lotion and to have it have such a great shelf life is significant — and could possibly change the natural skin care industry.  No one has done it like this before.

Anyway, I’m so excited, that I’ve babbled on and haven’t shared the most important reason I’m writing to you about this…

This product will not be out until mid to end of May because I need some help!

I need you to help name it!

It would warm my heart if one of you — our faithful customers — could come up with the name of this new body lotion.  It would also warm it even more if I could give you a couple of bottles on me as a thank you!

So I’m asking you to help.  All you have to do is visit this post on the blog and in the comments section share a name you think would be best.

We’ll pick the one we feel works best and then give you a gift for your help!

So in order to get you thinking on the right foot — creativity need fuel — here is a little information about the Body Lotion.

It is a luxurious lotion that will leave your skin feeling hydrated, silky and smooth. The oils and herbs in this product will penetrate your skin to keep it nourished and protected, leaving you with a wonderful glow.  It’s scented with Peru Balsam Resin, so you will walk away smelling faintly sweet like vanilla.

Great for:

All Skin Types


  • Smoothes and highly moisturizes your skin
  • Leaves your skin glowing
  • Antioxidants protects from environmental damage and nourishes your skin

Key Ingredient:

Sunflower Oil:  Produced from the seed of Annmarie’s favorite flower — the sunflower!  This highly nutritious oil is high in both mono and polyunsaturated fats!  Giving your skin the essential fatty acids it needs to stay hydrated.  It’s also Rich in vitamin E, which is known to have protective qualities from environmental stressors.


To help us name this product now, just visit the blog here and post a comment:

Click Here to Help Name This New Body Lotion


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