We’re Hiring a Full-Time Email Operations Coordinator


We're looking for someone who has experience in email marketing and analysis, and who has an interest in natural skin care, organics, the healthcare industry, herbs & remedies, etc. (Guy or gal, both are equally welcome!)

If you apply, you must be a hard worker, have high energy, be caring, supportive and willing to be an ambassador for our company. We are looking for someone who has an interest in the issues around the topics of skin care — toxic ingredients, natural herbs, lack of regulations, why choose natural and organic, etc…

Additionally, we're looking for someone who is proactive in this position, and is a self motivator to see things through. We are excited to bring someone on board who can be trained in the systems in place, but also has enthusiasm and creativity.

Job Requirements

•   Grow and manage our email department.
◦         Proficient in executing daily email blasts as well as automated email flows
◦         Implement Email QA process for every email
•   Create and manage the promotional calendar.
◦         Making decisions based on current in house events and previous year’s promotions.
•   Optimize and create new email template designs.
•   Regular reporting using spreadsheets and other tools.
•   Work with the marketing, creative, and affiliate team to secure assets for each email.
•   Support campaign strategy and analysis
•   Monitor email deliverability and best practices
•   Make sure all email communications are on brand stylistically
•   Ability to look at the customer experience via email and look for opportunities for testing and optimization.
•   Team player who is adept at working with cross functional teams

Other Requirements

•   Experience with an ESP and regular emailing. (Knowledge of Klaviyo is a plus.)
•   Exceptionally detail oriented.
•   Experience with robust marketing calendars is a plus
•   An interest and/or passion for the health/natural beauty industry.
•   A subject matter expert in email marketing (read blogs frequently on best practices, attend webinars + courses, etc).

How to Apply

1—Please take a free typing test at one of these places:
(Must type faster than 35 words per minute)

2—If you pass, please make sure you share your WPM with your resume and the additional item in #3.

3—Then, record a video of yourself telling us why you think you're a good fit for this job. Please also include your past experience or interest in skin care or the health industry.

4—Upload the video to a video website like YouTube.com and copy the direct link.

5—Send an email to [email protected] with the following:
◦        Your resume
◦        4-5 samples of your previous work (specific to health and beauty preferred)
◦        WPM score—a screenshot of your result is fine
◦        The link to your video

Thanks! We look forward to meeting you!


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