5 Creative Ways to Give Our Gift Certificates


We know why you’re here, and don’t worry. We’ve all been here before.

You’ve waited just a *little* too long to get a gift for your loved ones. Shipping deadlines have passed. Stores are sold out of what you need. Ideas and inspiration are running thin. You’re one bad day away from resorting to stuffing a wad of cash in an envelope. Panic ensues.

Take a deep breath. You don’t have to give your beloved niece, mother, or brother some crumpled up bills. Did you forget about gift cards?

Don’t forget about gift cards.

The big secret is that people truly love gift cards, especially when it’s from their favorite shops. Gone are the anxieties about having to return a gift that isn’t quite right.

Chances are, the skin care lover in your life is pretty particular about their products anyway. Between skin types and concerns, and our myriad of different products, one of our gift cards is the best way to ensure they’re getting exactly what they need.

Not to mention, we’re offering 10% off our gift cards until Dec 25th, using code giftcard10. Talk about getting more for your money, literally.

Think of it like a choose-your-own-adventure, in gift form.

5 Creative Ways to Give Our Gift Certificates

Giving a gift card doesn’t have to be boring, either. Check out these 5 ways to bring a little life or levity into your gift card gifting.

1. Gift it in a toiletry bag

If you’re sharing an Annmarie Skin Care gift card, stay on theme by hiding it inside a new toiletry or makeup bag.

Let them know they can fill it up with their new skin care galore!

2. Hide it in a gag gift

Bring some laughter into your holiday celebration by hiding the gift card at the bottom of a white elephant style gift.

It will make the recipient that much more excited to receive it when they realize you’re not actually giving them a  six pack of fuzzy socks.

3. Slip it in a box of chocolates

Pick up a box of classic holiday chocolates and slip the gift underneath the truffles. It’s twice as sweet!

4. Hang it on the tree

If Christmas happens to be your family’s tradition, try hanging the gift card secretly on the tree, dressed up as an ornament.

Your loved ones will be surprised when you direct them there to retrieve their gift!

5. Make it a game

If you feel like you need to make up for the simplicity of a gift card, craft a scavenger hunt for your loved one to find it.

The extra effort will make an impression!

Do you have creative ways to give gift certificates? Share in the comments!

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