Before & After

Jean Before & After

“My skin has a nice glow. And since using Annmarie’s products my feet are soft with no more cracked heels!”


Jean's Story

How did your skin feel/look before using the products?

My skin felt very dry.

What was your initial reaction to using the products?

It was hard to get used to using oil instead of cream, but it didn't take very long to get used to it. My skin seemed to just suck in the oil, without ever actually feeling oily.

What are the results that you're seeing now?

Now my skin has a nice glow. I have very dry feet/heels and I have used practically every product on the market and nothing has worked. I spend a lot of money every two weeks getting a pedicure. Since using the Radiant Skin Silk, my feet are soft and no more cracked heels. Have not been for a pedicure in a month!