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Beautiful Voices : Muneeza Ahmed


Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is general in nature and for informational purposes. It is not meant to substitute for the advice... read more

Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is general in nature and for informational purposes. It is not meant to substitute for the advice provided by your own physician or other medical professional. None of the statements on this site are a recommendation as to how to treat any particular disease or health-related condition. If you suspect you have a disease or health-related condition of any kind, you should contact your health care professional immediately. Please read all product packaging carefully and consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise, supplementation or medication program. Cosmetic products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. read less

Beautiful Voices is our ongoing blog series that highlights inspiring, empowering women. Our most recent Beautiful Voice is Muneeza Ahmed. See what she says when Annmarie asks her some questions about her own personal beauty…

Muneeza Ahmed teaches moms how to prepare for pregnancy, birth, lactating and post-partum and her mission is to teach women how to deeply nourish themselves and their babies.

Muneeza’s healing journey began when she healed her severe respiratory issues from the age of 4 months old (bronchitis, tuberculosis, severe asthma, allergies, candida and eczema). She healed her body 6 years ago, by starting the pH Miracle diet and stopped needing drugs she had been using her whole life in 2 weeks of starting the diet!!! Since, she has evolved into MANY other diets on the way, including traditional, cooked vegan, raw vegan and has finally settled with what her amazing reproductive female body really needs. Muneeza prepared deeply for her two pregnancies and experienced two completely pain-free, drug-free births. She gave birth calmly and easily to two amazing baby girls. She teaches HypnoBirthing classes and does private, group & phone sessions on nourishment and nutrition.

Who do you feel you are today? What event has defined your life?

I am a woman who understands her purpose and mission in the world, which is to help other women heal. My work is centered around teaching moms to have empowering and healing births, how to heal their own birth experiences and to achieve this through a mindbody approach, which includes food, herbs, spirituality and sexuality. I am also a nutrition and energy coach, which means that I am blessed every day with the opportunity to help people heal their bodies from disease and illness by turning them onto great nutrition as well as by healing subconscious blocks to living the life of their dreams.

What was your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?

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My biggest challenge was realizing how powerful I am in my essence and not being able to live that out in my life. I was raped when I was 17 and this was a defining time in my life. For a long time I went inwards and was depressed and frustrated but a few years ago, as I healed my body from chronic asthma, allergies and respiratory issues, the longing and yearning to heal the part of me that created the abuse situation as well as what came after could not be ignored. Healing my abuse started with first being able to call it that: Abuse. Then delving into the pain. Feeling the pain. It was only be feeling my pain that I had run away from for so long, the very thing I feared, that I was eventually able to reach a profound level of healing and well-being. I also now know that part of my purpose here on the planet is to teach and talk about the importance of sexuality. In today’s world sex either happens behind closed doors and no one talks about it, OR it’s dirty and it’s pornographic. From what I have learned, sex is sacred. We are all created in a moment of sexual energy, creative energy and spiritual energy, all at once and at the same time. It’s about time, we started to bridge the gap and have healthy conversation about our sexual nature, just like we do about food, water and spirituality. Our sexual nature once completely accepted and loved, will create ultimate healing for all men and women. This is what I know and what I want to share with the world.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

‘Your answers are within.’ Nearly all the healing work I have done in my life that had profound results has involved me looking inward. Healing what is inside me created the world outside me that I really wanted to live in.

What makes you feel beautiful?

I feel beautiful when I am loving ALL of me, even the parts I don’t like!

What are your words of wisdom to other beauties out there?

Beauties of the world, whatever you use on or in your body (which is really the same thing and why I LOVE Annmarie), should be REAL. When you are loving and pampering your body with what nature offers, you stand on a foundation of loving and pampering yourself on the inside too. One desire cannot be without the other. When that desire opens up in you, there is no stopping the power of yourself you unleash on the world!!

Isn’t she beautiful? If you want to keep up with Muneeza’s amazing life, follow her blogs at &! You can also follow Muneeza on Facebook at Health With Muneeza & Let’s Birth Calmly Hypnobirthing and Twitter at @Healthy Moon & @MyHypnoBirthing!.

Much Love,

Annmarie Gianni
“Teaching People About Beauty From the Inside Out”


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