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Beautiful Voices is our ongoing blog series that highlights inspiring, empowering women. Our most recent Beautiful Voice is Chrysa Wyland. See what she says when Annmarie asks her some questions about her own personal beauty.

Chrysa Wyland is a 43-year-young mother of four children,
ranging in age from 12-17. She lives in eastern Pennsylvania
on a small organic farm with her husband, kids, and a seven-month-old German Shepherd puppy.

Who do you feel you are today?

I am a strong, beautiful, loving mom, wife, friend, sister, daughter and CANCER SURVIVOR!

What has defined your life?

Two things really have defined my life: motherhood and being diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 41.

If money was no object would you still be doing what you're doing today?

Yes, except I would expand our farm and greenhouse and travel more. I would love to take my kids to different countries and expose them to different cultures.

Where and when do you feel at peace?

I am most at peace early in the morning, right as the sun comes up and I'm walking around our pond breathing in the fresh air and listening to the nature around me wake up.

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty means just being myself. Being true to myself, my values, and never conforming to fit into someone else's idea of who they think I should be. To me, there is nothing more beautiful than someone who really knows who they are and makes no excuses.

Any words of wisdom to other beauties?

Always listen to your heart.  Be yourself, and the light you have inside of you will shine through to the outside for everyone to see.

Isn't she beautiful?

Much Love,

Annmarie Gianni
“Teaching People About Beauty From the Inside Out”


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