What it was Like to Create an Oasis at The Eclipse Festival


When you feel inspired to do something, do it!

This past year we started fostering a partnership with The Tri, where their mission is to catalyze the human return to symbiosis by providing the leadership necessary to leverage strength in numbers. A lot of what we do here at Annmarie Skin Care does exactly this–from shaking the skin care industry up a bit with some of the purest products out there (and eliminating the use of toxic chemicals), to changing the status quo in the workplace and truly providing a place where individuals can thrive and are not jeopardizing their quality of life for work. To us, this just makes sense so joining as a founding partner of The Tri was the perfect idea!

When the time came for us participating at The Eclipse Gathering in Oregon, we were all in! So I packed up the Kale Whale (yep, Kevin and Annmarie’s RV from back when they traveled around for Renegade Health) with my brother and we cruised up to Oregon from Berkeley, CA. We weren’t traveling light either—we packed thousands of samples of our Sun Love, Anti-Aging Oil, Herbal Facial Oil for Normal & Combination Skin, along with a bunch of other treats for this journey we were about to embark on. The trip was long, beautiful, and full of it’s own little adventures but we eventually, we made it.

ASC at the Festival

The intention behind Annmarie Skin Care attending this festival was to create a little escape inside of the Oasis Express (mobile spa & showers)–a place where the festival goers could relax, treat, and pamper themselves—and, of course, learn more about natural and organic skin care.

At our office in Berkeley we have dedicated a lot of energy to creating an atmosphere where our team can feel comfortable and at home, with chic patterns and designs, plants everywhere, and unlimited masks and skin care at their fingertips. We wanted to mock this oasis at The Eclipse, to embody who we are and how we go through our work day.

Planted Design created a custom living wall sign for this event with our tagline, WILD. BEAUTIFUL. on it, covered with moss and plants. This, along with many other elements, definitely played a part in recreating this feeling we have at our home office.

One of the best parts about us getting involved was that we provided an interactive DIY mask station. Yes, that’s right… a real space for people to play, mix ingredients and create what they wanted to for their skin.

Imagine yourself in a little paradise filled with pure and organic skin care ingredients. You get to play, create, explore, and indulge. That's exactly what we were trying to provide (and I think we nailed it!)–a DIY mask station, where we highlighted key ingredients–green clay, rose clay, rhassoul clay, kaolin clay, charcoal and honey just to name a few.

Each ingredient was individually bottled so that the explorer was able to walk up, grab a mixing bowl, blend some clays and such, and create the perfect mask for themselves. After they applied it they would relax on a bench or floor pillows, meditating or connecting with others, while decompressing after a long night or day.

In addition to giving away thousands of samples, we had our entire line available to use so that as people happily stepped out of the showers fresh and clean, they were able to fully pamper themselves with facial serums and oils, revitalizing toning mists, nourishing body oil and more.

The Eclipse Event Itself

This event was by far one of the most magical experiences I have ever had. Not only from this opportunity to play with others and enjoy skin care to it’s fullest, but to witness the phenomenon itself… the Eclipse in full totality. As the moon crossed in front of the sun the sky went dark, the air was cold, the stars shined bright, the birds went wild and we, the tens of thousands of humans observing, were in awe with this natural phenomena. I can't begin to describe the emotion that swept across me during these two minutes. First excitement, then tears with reflection, understanding, forgiveness, acceptance, letting go and surrendering… followed by an uncontrollable happiness and joy.

In our world right now, we are running through the motions of a lot of change—where we have to embrace forgiveness and the exploration of deep love. Together we rise in consciousness for an inclusive humanity. Together, we cast away the illusion of separatism and step forth to heal the divides within ourselves, our partnerships and our communities.

Each of us has the power to shift and realign with the heart, as we let go, forgive, ask for forgiveness, and move through our collective grief to our seat of personal power within the heart of love.


If you have not had a chance to witness the Eclipse in full totality, you may want to consider chasing the next one. It’s something you will not want to miss. I promise. And who knows, you may find us there masking and basking in the sun.

So much love,

Rachel Pachivas, COO

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  1. Amy says

    Simply divine! I could feel the awesome experience and energy of this event. Goosebumps as you described the total eclipse experience! Thank you for taking us there with you! <3

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