The 2 Week Conscious Cleanse that Taught Me About Thoughtful Eating

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The Annmarie Skin Care team has been taking on challenges to share our real experiences with you— trying out new health trends, wellness practices, and everything in between.

This month, our Influencer Manager, Andrea, did the 14 day Conscious Cleanse and is sharing her review with you.

Meet Andrea.

I’m Andrea, Public Relations and Influencer Manager at Annmarie Skin Care. I’m excited to do a 14 day cleanse to heal and restore my body, get more energy and, to be honest, maybe shed a couple pounds.

What interested you in this particular cleanse?

I have done cleanses before and feel it’s always good to repeat to recharge and heal the body. Also as my body changes (ages – haha) so do the foods that make me feel the best, so it’s always good to check in on sensitivities.

I picked the Conscious Cleanse because it’s a complete elimination diet, with deeper mindful healing along the way. Also, there is an amazing support group—it’s fun to check in with others and see what they're doing and how they’re feeling.

The Challenge?

A 14-Day Conscious Cleanse.

From Conscious Cleanse: “For two wonderful weeks, you will get to eat whole foods like delicious green smoothies, fresh vegetables, non-gluten grains like brown rice and quinoa, legumes, nuts, seeds, and organic lean meats (meat is optional). This two-week plan is completely customizable for your individual needs.”

Conscious Cleanse Purification

Two opportunities for deeper cleansing called “Conscious Purification” will occur on the weekends, with the option of eating only fruits and vegetables, smoothies, fresh juices, and broths.

Diving into the cleanse

Just before the cleanse started, I was so surprised by the welcoming tribe at Conscious Cleanse. They greeted me with a welcome phone call and were more than happy to answer any questions.

Day 1

Giving up coffee and eating earlier has been already challenging since I have a mid-afternoon headache. I normally drink a superfood coffee in the morning, and then fast until lunch. But today, I started the day with the cleanse smoothies and water. Definitely feeling some cleanse fatigue this day.

Day 2

The second day takes courage, as this day is always the toughest. So I was committed to making the biggest green smoothie to start my day.

Starting with a base of 2 cups filtered water, 2 handfuls of organic greens (kale), organic mixed berries (strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries). It was so good and helped me feel good until the afternoon.

Day 3

Realizing my cleanse mistake: not reading labels of food or drinks that are healthy — eeeek! On day two I woke up groggy, so mid-afternoon I decided that I would substitute my coffee with Four Sigmatic Mushroom coffee, thinking it only contained mushrooms, not coffee. I drank it and felt amazing, and then on day three repeated.

Then, later that day I was chatting with a co-worker, telling her about my cleanse “hack.” She let me know that I was feeling so good because it contains coffee. Oops! I'm feeling dedicated not to get discouraged, so I'm starting over with the caffeine part of elimination.

Day 5

Smoothie love! I have been making the best smoothies and they have saved me from hunger and have helped with cravings. My energy is back and I’m feeling so good. I went to a yoga class and really have focused on being mindful.

Day 7

A tip for cleansing is being prepared to get creative with food—this is very important so you are not bored.

Day 9

The focus of the cleanse is all about me allowing myself to take a break and make a date with myself!  So I decided to get a clonic to supercharge my cleanse. Excited about this to help with eliminating excess waste and boost my cleanse.

Day 12

It’s Friday and I’m so close to finishing. I do feel amazing. I’ve been really enjoying all the hot lemon water and broths, so I join the group and go all liquids for the weekend. It’s optional on this cleanse, but I figure, I'm so close to the end that I might as well up the ante.

Day 14

I have a ton of energy, I'm feeling lighter and I'm glowing non-stop. I’ve enjoyed thoughtful eating and connecting with my food, taking time to really think about everything that goes on my plate. It was fun to try new foods, especially the soups and Buddha bowls. Lastly, I am down 6 lbs!

Final Reflections on the conscious cleanse

Whelp, I’ve learned that I am totally sensitive to dairy, it causes my belly to bloat and can be painful. I learned this after the cleanse, when I ate cheese for the first time.

Also, I have learned coffee is my weakness — I LOVE IT. But I have a sense of renewed energy, so I’m not drinking coffee every day and only making it a special treat when needed or on Fridays.

I have also learned a lot about balanced eating and have fewer cravings. I excited to have this renewed healthy feeling and will continue to follow much of this diet.

Also, I have decided to repeat the Conscious Cleanse again in a couple months, right after the holidays when I’ll need it the most.

Try it!

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Do cleanses work for you? We're opening up the comments section for discussion.

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