Rachel Doherty

Rachel has a passion for beauty, fashion, and her family. Daily, she creates a new, healthy fresh juice or smoothie. On the weekends you can find her family on adventure—whether it is at the beach, a park, or just outside breathing in the fresh air and playing with the kids.

Where you grew up:

Between Michigan and Florida (Dad in Michigan, Mom in Florida)

Your official position:

Influencer Program Manager

Your real position:

Master Assistant to the whole Affiliate Team


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the company, the people, and what we stand for. That in itself makes it easy to come into work. I love how down to earth everyone is! I also love what I do.

speed questions

Chai or coffee:


Decaf or regular:


Snow or sun:


Beach or mountains:


Book or kindle:


Country or city:


Hummus or guacamole:

Guacamole! YUMMM

Honey or maple syrup:


Tennis -singles or doubles:


Almond butter or peanut butter:

Peanut Butter

Chocolate or vanilla:


Texas or California:


Mexican Food Or Japanese:


Cats or dogs:


PC or Mac:


FB or Twitter:


Shopping or camping:


Pen & paper or iPad:

Pen & Paper

Football or soccer:


WHat's your favorite Annmarie Gianni Skin Care routine?

Daily – Wash with Phytonutrient Cleanser, Neroli Toning Mist, Citrus Stem Cell Serum, and then the Anti Aging Facial Oil. Every 3 days I add in the Kaolin, and weekly I do a Purifying Mud Mask and Coconut Honey Mask.

WHat's your favorite way to re-charge?

A day at the beach. Feeling the sand in the toes, sun on face, and smelling the salt water.

WHat's your favorite food?

Mexican (anything) & Chicago Pizza

Tell us something about yourself that we wouldn’t otherwise know.

I worked as a Fashion Designer in NYC, and the pajamas that I created were worn in the movie Sex in the City 2.

If you had a million dollars how would you spend it?

I would make sure my family (in whole) was taken care of and put money away for my kids to ensure a safety for their future. I would also build my dream home with land. I would also love to start a support group for women battling PCOS, Endometriosis, and Infertility and another group for teens battling depression and suicidal thoughts – giving them a safe environment.

Name one thing on your bucket list.

Zip lining over the Grand Canyon, visiting Ireland and Iceland, going to a natural hot springs, and going to Bora Bora.

What makes your heart smile?

My son. 100%.

What do you love about working with ASC?

The caring and love behind the company is not something you see everyday. You see it within the employees, the products, and the brand. They are always trying in some way to make the customers, our affiliates, the employees feel special. And the thought process behind the products – to see how every ingredient is carefully selected is amazing. Wild. Beautiful. I truly understand now the meaning goes farther than the words.

If you were an essential blend, what would it be and why?

I love our Vibrance, the freshness is amazing, and I love would love to be uplifting, energizing, and happy all the time!

What's your favorite book?

(Don’t judge me lol) Fifty Shades Series

What color would you make the sky if it wasn't blue anymore?

A mix of Pinks and Oranges

What's your favorite quote?

Be your own kind of beautiful.

What do you feel your life purpose is?

This is a tough question. I feel that what we may think our life’s purpose is and what our life’s purpose is truly could be different. I think throughout the years we are faced with different roads to go down and that could change our purpose. Either way at this moment I feel my life’s purpose was to be a mommy, a good friend, and a rock for those that need it. I am hoping that I excel in those 3 areas.

Name your best trait.

Agreeableness: being kind, sympathetic, and happy to help.

What was the most interesting trip you have ever taken?

Monaco, seeing the Mediterranean Sea was breathe taking, Monte Carlo was esquite. It was interesting to see where the Grand Prix is. We also went over to the Cannes Film Festival.

If you were to create an essential blend, what would it contain?

Lilacs. (I love my florals)