Kate Callaway

Kate is a conduit for love and wholeness. She is calm and kind. She loves lots of blankets, is an avid reader, and the type of free soul who also likes to make lists in a planner.

Where you grew up:

Topeka, KS

Your official position:

Customer Care Manager

Your real position:

Make the people happy


It turns out I’ve found people that are as pleasantly different as I am.

speed questions

Chai or coffee:

Coffee - so much

Decaf or regular:


Snow or sun:


Beach or mountains:


Book or kindle:


Country or city:

Both/ Either - Country to let me emotions unfurl; City to become anonymous

Hummus or guacamole:


Honey or maple syrup:

Maple Syrup

Tennis -singles or doubles:

I do not know enough about tennis that I know what this means

Almond butter or peanut butter:

Peanut Butter

Chocolate or vanilla:


Texas or California:


Mexican Food Or Japanese:

Japanese - sushi . :)

Cats or dogs:

Love both, but prefer dogs

PC or Mac:


FB or Twitter:


Shopping or camping:

Shopping probs

Pen & paper or iPad:

Pen and paper

Football or soccer:

Soccer players have nice butts

WHat's your favorite Annmarie Gianni Skin Care routine?

In the morning, I usually use the Phytonutrient Cleanser, followed by layering the Probiotic and Anti Aging Serums, then an Image Skincare Sunscreen and finally the HFO for Sensitive Skin. Oftentimes, I’ll mix the Sand Minerals with the Radiant Skin Silk (I like the finish better than the oil) or apply a BareMinerals cream. In the evening, I like to mix the Rosemary Peppermint Body wash with the Kaolin Micro Exfoliant, followed again by the Probiotic and Anti Aging serums. Then the Radiant Skin Silk, then the HFO for Sensitive Skin.

WHat's your favorite way to re-charge?

Silence. Alone time. Calm, clear, quiet space.

WHat's your favorite food?

Smoothies? Unless I’m craving something savory and then I freaking love variations of pasta and cream sauces.

Tell us something about yourself that we wouldn’t otherwise know.

I was in an infomercial for BareMinerals. I majored in Classical Languages and Linguistics in College and could read and translate Greek and Latin (don’t ask me to do it now, that skill is significantly smaller).

If you had a million dollars how would you spend it?

Is it too Millenial of me to say Student Loans? Is there anything past Student Loans?

Name one thing on your bucket list.

Travel to India.

What makes your heart smile?

My kids when they laugh. Or when they’re sleeping and out of my face. Jk jk, I love them. But also, yes, when they’re sleeping.

What do you love about working with ASC?

Working from home – heating blanket all day. Autonomy. My customer care team – all seriously strong. The company often shares gratis/ gifts – gifts resonate strongly with me as a love language. The company as a whole generally gets shit done.

If you were an essential blend, what would it be and why?

Maybe cedarwood, rose absolute, and vetiver? Because I am often leaning into my more feminine side while still being (usually) uber grounded.

What's your favorite book?

Omg I have so many. I love Glennon Doyle’s book Love Warrior. Seriously astounding. And my most recent favorite is Sarah Knight’s You Do You. Should be a required read for co-existence. Hah. Gabrielle Bernstein’s Judgement Detox is also great. Anything by Brene Brown. Also like the Harry Potter series.

What color would you make the sky if it wasn't blue anymore?

The color of the Kansas sunset.

What's your favorite quote?

It just takes some time, little girl, you’re in the middle of the ride. Everything, everything will be all right. Everything, everything will be just fine.

What do you feel your life purpose is?

I am a fearless love warrior gifted to guard hearts and hold spaces of safety.

Name your best trait.

Idk, I like my hair.

What was the most interesting trip you have ever taken?

Anytime going to Portland with my sister/ family.

If you were to create an essential blend, what would it contain?

Frankincense and Lavender, plus a bit of rosemary.