Jennifer Brown

Jen enjoys a good cup of coffee, traveling to new places, a good laugh and a good conversation. A workout enthusiast with a passion for living a healthy and holistic lifestyle, she loves to hike and try new foods!

Where you grew up:

Dracut, MA

Your official position:

Project Manager

Your real position:

Networking and building relationships with inspiring and influential people that want to partner with us to help us grow our brand and spread our message.


I love being able to share our company’s mission and products with the world and contribute to the growth of Annmarie Skin Care. Also, learning about the skin care industry as a whole and all of the chemicals that are in so many consumer products.

speed questions

Chai or coffee:


Decaf or regular:


Snow or sun:


Beach or mountains:


Book or kindle:


Country or city:

Need a mix of both

Hummus or guacamole:

Also need a mix of both

Honey or maple syrup:


Tennis -singles or doubles:


Almond butter or peanut butter:

Almond Butter

Chocolate or vanilla:


Texas or California:


Mexican Food Or Japanese:

this question is tough too! I love both!

Cats or dogs:


PC or Mac:


FB or Twitter:


Shopping or camping:


Pen & paper or iPad:

Pen & Paper

Football or soccer:


WHat's your favorite Annmarie Gianni Skin Care routine?

I wash my face twice a day with the Aloe Herb Cleanser (morning and night) and apply the Neroli, Probiotic Serum and Anti-Aging facial oil.

WHat's your favorite way to re-charge?

Getting out of the city and being in nature. Hiking and camping always allows me to re-charge.

If you had a million dollars how would you spend it?

I would go on an epic trip and then I would invest the rest.

Name one thing on your bucket list.

To go on a road trip across the USA and live in another country for a period of time (sorry that’s two!)

What makes your heart smile?

My family & friends, the ocean and fresh, organic foods.

What do you love about working with ASC?

I love working for a company with such a strong mission and great products and people. In my role, I am also fortunate to meet and build relationships with so many smart individuals that are changing the world of health and wellness.

What's your favorite book?

The Alchemist

What color would you make the sky if it wasn't blue anymore?

A light pinkish-orange – the color of the sky during sunrise & sunset.

What was the most interesting trip you have ever taken?

Vietnam – being exposed to Vietnamese culture was so eye opening and refreshing.