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What makes a good gift? Something they need, something they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves, something decadent.

The holidays are a great time to remind your loved ones to pamper themselves. If you have friends who haven’t yet discovered the beauty of organic skin care, what better time to nudge them in that direction? You can give them something useful, something aromatheraputic, and something luxurious, all in one.

Though you might know that they’d love natural skin care products, how do you know which products to choose? What if it makes them break out? What if they won’t use it?

Here’s our guide for which of our products make the best gifts for the different people on your list:

For: The Athlete

They’re always at hot zumba or cardio yoga boxing, they’re always signed up for the next “Turkey Trot” or “Muddy Marathon,” and they pretty much always wake up earlier than you.

For someone who is regularly working up a sweat, preventing workout breakouts and oiliness is often a main skin concern. When we sweat, our pores open up and can get clogged with whatever's nearby — dirt, oil, or makeup.

Our Travel Kit – Body Essentials is the perfect thing to throw in a gym bag for a post-workout shower to remember. The Rosemary Body Wash is naturally cleansing, and can be used all over to prevent breakouts that emerge when you let sweat dry on your skin. The Coconut Body Oil and Radiant Skin Silk go on after you shower, for head to toe moisture that leaves you smelling amazing.

If outdoor workouts are more their style, Sun Love would be a great gift for them. Sun Love feels amazing to wear – with avocado oil and hyaluronic acid that give the skin an incredibly soft and radiant look.

Gift idea: Gift the travel kit with a comfy pair of yoga pants, or Sun Love with a cool water bottle.

For: Sensitive Skin

Many people are drawn to our line because their sensitive skin reacts to chemicals in the skin care products they’ve tried. Because our products are plant-based and free of synthetic preservatives, they can be a breath of fresh air for those who have struggled with chemical brands in the past.

We have a few products in particular that we recommend to those with sensitive skin that needs extra love.

The Anti-Aging Serum does more than just keep the skin looking plump and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles—it’s also incredibly soothing. With healing aloe vera and rose distillate, it even helps calm sensitive and oily skin — making it a safe bet for most everyone. The Coconut Honey Mask is another very soothing product. It’s one of our most simple formulas: honey, coconut oil, beeswax, and vanilla extract. The only person this might not work for is someone with very skin.

Gift Idea: Gift these two products together with other soothing things like a body massage brush or face brush, calming chamomile tea, or a pair of slippers.

For: The Masseuse

Whether it’s for work or for pleasure, those who love giving massages are special people. Our Coconut Body Oil has many uses, and one of the best is as a massage oil. Rosemary and lavender in this formula make this smell as amazing as it feels.

If setting the mood is part of their craft, add the Neroli Toning Mist to their gift. You can spray it around a room for a beautiful, calming scent, or spray it on a pillow or bed sheets to promote relaxation.

Gift Idea: If you want to go all out, find a simple, scenic piece of art to give along with the Neroli Toning Mist and the Coconut Body Oil. They can add it to their room or workspace to set the mood.

For: Someone Who Loves to Pamper

They are known by name at the nail salon, they make sure to make time for a monthly massage, and their toiletry cabinet is bursting at the seams. This friend knows how to take care of themselves!

Gift them the Kaolin Microexfoliant and the Coconut Honey Mask. Alone, these products shine in their own right. Together, they’re like a mini spa day.

First you massage your face with the Kaolin Microexfoliant, which draws out impurities from your pores and exfoliates. It's a remedy that leaves your skin looking polished and ready to absorb the Coconut Honey Mask.

Simple and sweet, you can apply the Coconut Honey Mask next, either all over, or only on dry areas of your face. Honey is naturally cleansing and helps bind the moisture of the coconut oil to your skin. After 20 minutes of letting your skin soak up the Coconut Honey Mask, rinse it off with a warm wash cloth. What you'll find is refreshed, soft, radiant skin!

Gift Idea: Along with the mask and the scrub, you could get them an organic cotton face towel or a face brush.

For: The Herb Lover

Their tea cabinet is more stocked than their refrigerator. They know the natural remedy for virtually anything. They own many flowy garments.

All of our skin care products are herb-infused (that’s the magic), but some are more herbacious than others.

Our Ayurvedic Facial Scrub comes as a dry powder, because if it was packaged wet it would have too short of shelf life. That’s how fresh it is! Made up 100% of herbs, this product is a gentle exfoliator, so it works for even sensitive skin types. The smell is savory—fenugreek is one that stands out. You can mix it with your cleanser or water to use as a scrub, or leave it on for 15-20 minutes to experience it as a mask.

Gift Idea: Give them herbs for the inside and out! Mountain Rose Herbs is our favorite source of bulk herbs for teas, tinctures, and flavorful cooking ingredients.

For: The Product Junkie

They’ve tried everything. They know the latest anti-aging technology, the best brands, the miracle creams. Maybe they haven’t converted to organic skin care yet, because they don’t think it works.

When we see reviews from customers who are blown away that a chemical-free product could be so effective, we get a little warm and fuzzy inside. One product that seems to wow people again and again is our Citrus Stem Cell Serum, a treatment made to lighten your look and give an even tone.

For people who need a little extra care, the Citrus Stem Cell Serum can help them feel great about their complexion again. One of our most active products, the Citrus Stem Cell Serum contains orange-derived stem cells that reveal an even look to your skin tone. Aloe vera juice is the base for the product (rather than a water base, which is oh too common in even expensive skin care products), which also helps the skin.

Skin lightening products can often be harsh and permanently damaging to the skin, so we consider the Citrus Stem Cell Serum kind of a natural alternative.

Gift Idea: Along with the Citrus Stem Cell Serum, give them our Normal Skin Travel Kit, so they can try more of our line!

And if you’re looking to gift something natural that’s not skin care, check out our guide: Gifts to Give to the Lover of All Things Natural

Which of our natural skin care products do you think make great gifts?

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