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Makeup Tested The Right Way

What exactly does it mean to offer cruelty free makeup and vegan cosmetics?

It means that when you use Annmarie products you can rest assured that no animal testing and no animal products (with the exception of honey) were used in the manufacturing of our products. It means that our products were created with compassion, a compassion that springs from a belief that humanity should live in balance and harmony with nature—not in abuse of it.

The truth is that in the cosmetics industry countless animals are subjected to dangerous and harmful treatment in order to test the risks and side effects of different additives and artificial ingredients, ingredients that are often harmful in any concentration.

Not only is this irresponsible and cruel, but it undergirds a deep misunderstanding of the power of all-natural, organic ingredients. Brands that do not test on animals, like Annmarie, seek instead to create vegan and cruelty free makeup that uses active compounds extracted from natural plant and mineral sources, mixing them into a bio-compatible formulation that is safe to use and that doesn’t require animal testing at all.

And don’t think that we’re sacrificing our products’ effectiveness just to have a green, nature-friendly selling point. The reviews are in and Annmarie Skin Care products are changing lives all over the world as thousands discover that natural skin care and beauty products really work for them and their skin!

We hope that you believe, as we do, that cruelty free cosmetics are worth supporting. In fact, not only are we one of the best cruelty free makeup brands, but we offer vegan cosmetics as well! With the exception of beeswax and honey, used as an active ingredient in our Anti-Aging Eye Cream and Coconut Honey Mask, Annmarie only offers 100% vegan and cruelty free makeup and skin care products.

So visit the Annmarie store today to shop with conscience and see for yourself the difference that responsible, cruelty-free, vegan makeup brands can make in your life!

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