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Declined, But Have Funds in Your Account?

If your credit card has been declined and you have the funds in your account, here’s what might be happening…

Our system uses AVS to match the card to you so that scammers don’t take your card number and use it!

This is a fancy way to say that it matches your billing street number with your billing zip code. If these don’t match, your order will be declined.

So, if you’ve moved recently or don’t have the right billing zip code and billing address number in those fields then it’s likely this is why your card has been declined. If you’d like, please go back by clicking the button on the Credit Card Error page you were just on and check your order information (That page should still be open in another tab or window in your browser.)

Additionally, you may want to check with your card company to see if they have put a hold on your card due to activity they deem suspicious.

Credit card companies have been increasing their policing on card activity which set off false positive fraud alerts – when there has been no fraud at all.

If you try both of these and you still get an error, please contact us.