What’s A Good Natural Cleanser for Combination Skin?

If your skin is dry to normal in some areas but oily in others, you’ve got combination skin. Your cheeks may sometimes feel dry, but perhaps your T-zone, meaning the skin down the front of your nose and chin, plus your forehead, is oily. You may be unsure of what sort of cleanser to use when you’re dealing with both types of skin, which is totally understandable. You want to remove excess oil in your T-zone without drying out your whole face, but you still want to lock moisture in without leaving some parts of your face feeling too greasy. And most importantly, you don’t want to use synthetic chemicals to treat your skin.

Our Aloe Herb Cleanser is perfect a great solution for people with combination skin, especially if for those seeking all-natural, organic products. This cleanser won’t overdry your skin. It’s pH-balanced, so it’s going to be gentle on your skin as it lifts impurities and oil, leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean.

As a cream cleanser made with light, natural oils, Aloe Herb Cleanser will hydrate your skin without leaving a greasy residue, and it works great as a makeup remover, too. In addition to hydrating your skin, it will also help clear your face of excess oil. Created with aloe vera juice and coconut oil, its ingredients are organically grown and wildcrafted, so you can feel safe knowing you’re taking great care of your skin without using any harsh chemicals to do so.